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Report | 01/23/2017 2:24 am

Shadow Belmonte

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Report | 01/21/2017 2:56 am

Shadow Belmonte

Ok, thank you. redface
But I've always considered us as friends!
*hands over some eye-black and some black spandex*
Yay, a partner in crime~ emotion_awesome

As for the avatar:
Looks good, but I'm not sure about the eye item.
It's kind of kawaii-kira kira eyes style, while your avatar looks like she'd be more interesting in kicking butt or being cool and majestic.
Doesn't look bad, or skanky though.
Besides that, if you think your avatar looks skanky, I've seen loads of those type in the CB alone. lol
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Report | 01/20/2017 8:23 pm

Knight of Plagues

Noooot really. Just tried to enjoy time off I guess. This semester shouldn't be so bad though, I guess...
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Report | 01/20/2017 7:19 pm

Shadow Belmonte

Sorry to say, heading off to bed for the night.
Have a good night!
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Report | 01/20/2017 7:11 pm

Shadow Belmonte

Lots of different reasons, I'd guess?
There are so many instances, I can't really pick just one as the main reason to cover the issue.
When kids wanted cameras to take tons of pictures, I'd want anything besides a camera, as I'm not much for photographs of myself.
When pre-teens wanted cellphones, I wanted anything but a cellphone, because people would ask me for my number.
When teens wanted computers and emails, I kind of wanted a computer but was wary, and didn't want emails because people would ask for them.
MySpace - didn't want it, was given it, hardly used it, didn't like it, tossed it.
Facebook - didn't want it, was given it, hardly used it, didn't like it, tossed it.
Skype - eh... I'm so-so about it...

Also, I'm... actually not great with socializing and dealing with people in real life. sweatdrop
Probably the hardest person ever to get along with in real life, and my god, my coworker knows this. emotion_0A0
I don't know why but she keeps telling people that we are friends.
So one day at work, she was telling another coworker that we were best friends.
But I don't understand the why part - she jumps my case over little things, she's a hypocrite, a snitch, and a liar - three major things I have trouble accepting in a person - and all she ever did was try to get me in trouble and try to make me look bad.
When she said to the girl that we were best friends - I made it very personally known to her that we were not friends - but to be nice, I said that it was my problem and not her fault.
And then I don't know what is going on but she was talking to her boyfriend's family and said she was in the breakroom at work with her friend - me.
Like, what the heck, because I don't get why she keeps calling me her friend; I tell everyone in real life off in some way, and not one person ever decides to consider my quiet existence after that.
Except for her, and I feel like I'm shaking a dog off of my leg.
(I'm highly untrusting of others, highly solitary, and pretty territorial in real life. You don't want to imagine the frustrations this causes 99% of the people that try being friendly to me.) sweatdrop
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Report | 01/20/2017 6:47 pm

Knight of Plagues

Yeah I mean I work at kohls at the moment. I like it it just doesn't pay much lol
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Report | 01/20/2017 6:36 pm

Shadow Belmonte

Then that makes me the evil one. gonk
Wait why am I gonk when I can be emotion_c8 with this?

I know, and I'm sorry. sad
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Report | 01/20/2017 6:32 pm

Knight of Plagues

I'm already employed, just... nowhere particularly well paying lol
I'm not sure to be honest though. I have no idea what I'd like to do later on down the line...
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Report | 01/20/2017 6:25 pm

Knight of Plagues

I am horribly lazy and don't enjoy being a student all that much
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Report | 01/20/2017 6:21 pm

Knight of Plagues

I could have my associates by the end of the summer. As for a bachelors, I'm not sure...
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Report | 01/20/2017 6:15 pm

Shadow Belmonte

So evil. emotion_0A0
I can live with that. emotion_yatta
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Report | 01/20/2017 6:06 pm

Shadow Belmonte

Shocked is probably the smallest problem.
I'm pretty camera shy, and shy around people, so I never get on my camera with anyone.
It took a few months just for me to consider using Skype to talk to my sister, because it was so strange, being on a camera. sweatdrop
(I've declined quite a few people with the same request, so don't feel embarrassed and please don't be upset.) sweatdrop

May I ask, what shirt, though?
If it's anime, movie, music or art-based, it's probably already awesome. emotion_awesome
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Report | 01/20/2017 5:56 pm

Shadow Belmonte

Who doesn't like hugs and snuggles? emotion_awesome

I do have a skype, but I never get on it.
I always prefer talking on Gaia compared to any other site.
Like, my Facebook was completely abandoned for over two years, as I never even put a single post or even logged onto it - so I deleted it for good.
I had a second one, for Gaia-stuff only, but... it was even more abandoned, and I don't remember its name or password. emotion_facepalm
If you're looking for other messenger things, I do use Google Doc's thing?
(As a few friends referenced this to me and I finally checked it out. But apparently, not enough.) XD
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Report | 01/20/2017 5:45 pm

Shadow Belmonte

*gets huggles*

*gives huggles back*

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Report | 01/20/2017 5:43 pm

Knight of Plagues

It started the 18th of December if I remember right. I'm not sure why ours is so long really but I don't mind it...

UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i'm not sure to be honest.
Kinda just want to call it a day and maybe work for a year, but... we'll see...
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Report | 01/17/2017 11:42 am

Knight of Plagues

(completely forgot to reply I'm sorry Dx)
I go back the 23, so less then a week.

Change ain't always bad. I hope you're looking forward to it at least...

''''''''''''''enjoy''''''''''''''''''' is a strong word
nah it's alright. Not looking forward to having to transfer eventually though I kind of just want to get an associates and call it a day
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Report | 01/16/2017 11:52 am

Holy Slayer

A Series of Unfortunate Events? I read a couple but not many so I'm going into the series pretty fresh which might be for the best so I don't compare it badly.
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Report | 01/16/2017 2:57 am

Shadow Belmonte

A lot of people find Nicholas Cage an odd pick, but I have my reasons.
His facial reactions and nuthouse screaming - hilarious.
His eccentric quirks in movies - like in ConAir, when he gets mad that criminals touch his little girl's bunny, or that he eats jelly beans from a martini glass.
Besides that, I've seen almost all of his movies ever since ConAir in the 90's, so that's a long amount of time.
Also have watched Keanu Reeves' movies - Matrix stuff aside - since the 90's as well.
I don't think I could list many more actors / actresses that I've liked for so many years. XD
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Report | 01/15/2017 6:41 pm

Knight of Plagues

not very much really, just trying to enjoy what little time off from school is left. You?
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Report | 01/15/2017 5:47 pm

Shadow Belmonte

*and I pushed send too soon. XD

But thank you for the compliment! redface

Yeah, I had never heard of either of those movies until I saw them on Netflix.

Supposedly Equilibrium is a knock-off of some Keanu Reeves movie (Matrix, maybe? Never watched Matrix, not into it) but supposedly, Equilibrium had the better fight scene by voters.
Also, the Man from Nowhere seemingly inspired John Wick (also with Reeves) but most people comment that they liked the Man from Nowhere more than the John Wick movie.
But I do have to say, I do love that John Wick movie as well.
Keanu Reeves is one of my favorite actors - as well as Nicholas Cage~ emotion_kirakira
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