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Report | 01/28/2015 10:09 pm

Sweet Heartless Riku

Nope... sad Going to bed now. Was talking with Ana-bear just a short while ago.

Kitty is sleepy.
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Report | 01/28/2015 10:02 pm

Sweet Heartless Riku

*snuggles* =w=
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Report | 01/28/2015 5:47 pm

Madame Linwe

My hair is from the item called, "See you"
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Report | 01/26/2015 3:26 pm

Armored Interior

“Well, I’m still getting used to the idea of you being immortal. It’s a big change; you’ve always been a human to me before.” The Leviathan nuzzled closer, he really did enjoy having his head petted, since he couldn’t reach there himself. He liked hearing her laugh too; she would’ve never done that before. He listened intently to her words, absorbing the information.

He came closer to her when he sensed her sadden at the mention of a daughter. “C’mon Indigo, don’t be so hard on yourself. You did the best you could for her, it isn’t your fault.” The monster tried to comfort her, he could smell the salty tears in her eyes, and he knew talking about this was painful for her. He was grateful to her though, now he understood why she acted different. She had been through a lot, and experiences like hers would make room for a new perspective on life. “I just have one question for you, if you don’t mind.” He swam a bit closer, glancing up at her almost shyly. “It’s not about what you’ve just told me, it’s a bit unrelated. But do you know your parents? I mean, do you stay in contact with them? I know your grandmother trained you and raised you from a young age, but are you close with those who brought you into the world?”

“I know working for the gods can bring… confusion, certainly, and it can be helpful to reconnect to your roots to find answers. Family is valuable and irreplaceable, I was just curious to know if you upkeep a relationship to your parents…”
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Report | 01/23/2015 12:08 pm

Armored Interior

“It must hurt though, to be in a situation which would kill mortals. I wouldn’t want to drown you, you are my guest and that would be uncomfortable for you, and with your armor you would sink like a stone.” He eyed her, looking to her rather… unpractical armor. While some warriors, like Visher, had true protection from blades, she had much of her soft fleshy skin exposed. Of course she could block claws, fangs, and attacks with a blade or whatever weapons she had, as well as her shield, but he was a bit concerned for her safety. But again, it might just be her tactic, showing skin and distracting the enemy; that worked too. She could take care of herself, and it wasn’t his place to be trying to analyze her potential weak points.

The Leviathan, Erik, gave a sharky sort of grin. “I knew it, I knew you liked me Indigo!” He exclaimed, a bit smugly. He sounded quite happy with himself, getting her to finally admit it. He was a rather handsome human, many females and males alike seemed to find him attractive, but knowing that his rival also had an interest in him was a victory in itself. The sea serpent kept moving, swirling and spinning rather gracefully through the water. He circled around the box, causing a strong current in the reef to stir up the many colorful fish that resided there. He was amused by the schools of fish confused and swept away in the current, and he chased after them. Of course, he was still listening to her, and he stopped playing with the fish when she offered to tell him about what he had missed while he was away.

“Well, I’ll take a guess. You died.” His expression became slightly somber, and he bowed his head. “My condolences for the loss of… well, you. So your mortal, human form expired, mind telling me how you met your end? A great battle, fighting a great monster perhaps?” It would be interesting, having her explain her own death. “And then the gods offered you a second chance, yes? But not directly to a Valkyrie, probably something lesser, am I correct? Hmmm… let’s see- a reaper or, an angel, maybe?”
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Report | 01/22/2015 6:37 pm

Armored Interior

"Acting human is no weakness, and I am glad you recognize that I am trying to change myself for the better. No offense taken." The Leviathan’s lopsided grin grew wider when she returned the hug; it showed they had some understanding of mutual trust established. "The humans consider me to be a god, but in the end I’m just a monster next to the big gods. I’m a little fish in a big pond, and I’m getting used to the idea of not being as powerful as I once thought. But I’m still trying to make my existence mean something, the way humans do." It felt strange, explaining to her the purpose he was trying to give himself. They had more in common that he originally thought, he was surprised to learn she shared the experience of being a pawn of another. He was greatly pleased when she agreed to share her past and start to open up to him, make herself vulnerable in an emotional way.

His jaw dropped and he quickly bowed to her, out of respect. “Wow… A Valkyrie…” He was clearly quite impressed. It was a position of great honor and prestige, something to be immensely proud of. And he got her to smile! Another first, it was a great day. A giggle, a laugh, and now even a smile! It was a miracle. “Congratulations, Indigo. I wish you the best for your work in Valhalla; I know you will do your job well.” He lifted his head, putting on a sort of mischievous grin. “Let us leave this room; I have somewhere to show you. I think you’ll like it better there.” Uncoiling himself from around her, he slipped into his magical puddle. In a few moments after he slipped from view, the blank room changed. It was if the walls turned transparent, and the location of the room was in the ocean. Underwater, a colorful coral reef full of tropical fish was visible. It was like being in the middle of a giant aquarium on all sides. She would have oxygen and a surface under her feet to stand on, of course, so she wouldn’t drown. The Leviathan swam excitedly around, quite pleased with himself. “The magic puddle, it serves as a portal as well. I moved the room here. Beautiful, isn’t it? One of my favorite spots in the whole world, and that’s saying something.”

The Leviathan chased a shark, which looked tiny next to him. He had space to move around freely, the rest of his body length extended and swayed in the water. He heard the question she asked, and he was trying to think of a proper answer. After a few moments of enjoying the open waters, he positioned himself so he was again eyelevel with her, looking into the clear box she was in. He gave a wolfish grin. “I’m still Erik. Him and me, we’re the same person. You can call me by that name, if you’d like, or stay with Leviathan, I don’t really mind.” He seemed much more carefree and relaxed in this new environment, in his element. Spending too much time cooped up on land wasn’t healthy for him; it felt good to fell the fresh saltwater against his scales.

“I went on a long journey to find an answer to my question. I met many humans on my travels, with many different definitions of the meaning of life. Through them, I found my own answer and I found myself a purpose. My brothers granted me my true form back, and here I am.” He gave a toothy grin, clearly proud of himself. There wasn’t much more to it than that, no use in getting into every detail of his journey, there were far too many stories he could tell. “And what about you, Valkyrie? What are these major events you speak of?”
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Report | 01/22/2015 6:34 pm

Shadow Belmonte

Well, not all places require you to walk in and show an ID for proof.
It's simple as going online or calling a number, saying your name is such-and-such, using a fictional birthday to 'age up' the real kid, and then using numbers that they already had used in the past.
People usually say "that's not possible, they can look up the number and not the name" but then - how do so many children and young adults become an unwilling part of a scam?
The lack of validation and careless checking of background information, that's what.
As for the companies, it's not like they're being held responsible for checking this information - there's no law telling them not to accept fraudulent accounts that they don't get paid to specifically search for, and it's not like they have the ability to make every paying customer walk in through all billing locations / stores with an ID to examine.
It's a shame that the companies selling these things get scammed for years by probably tons more people than I can imagine, but that's the problem with companies that try to lure quick buyers without considering the possibility of getting scammed.
It's just about getting money for goods, and it's sad that there are all these kids getting ripped off every year and nothing being done about it, people say that the kids are the future and then basically create pits for them to try working their way out of or fall into debt just like the parents did.

My mom wanted me to build credit for myself, and I was like, "What's the point?"
Because I already know I have bad credit, and I don't honestly want to know just how bad it is.
I don't want to be just another person to walk in the doors and say, "Well, I was scammed just like everyone else," because more than likely nothing will be done about it.
Be my luck that using the card only once would result in card hackers getting my information anyways and leave me broke.
I'd much rather stick to using cash.
Never going to have the money to own a house and buy a car anyways, and don't want them.
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Report | 01/22/2015 2:52 pm

Armored Interior

Giggling? Wow, she could do that? Was this even the same coldblooded monster killing machine he once knew? The Leviathan nudged her gently with his nose, smiling as best as a sea serpent could. “Endearing, you say? Well I’m not going to become fluffy and cute anytime soon, I’m too old for that. But mortals have such a funny way of living their short lives. It’s the only one they have, and they are so determined to make it mean something. But they are merely one drop in the ocean, purely insignificant in the grand scheme of things, yet they act and think as if they universe revolves around them, as if they are the most important creatures.” He chuckled a bit, although he found their behavior terribly interesting. She was no longer mortal, and that shift to immortality must’ve been an experience. But he didn’t know her species, so he wasn’t in any kind of position to ask such a question yet. “Indigo, you did not know me before I was cursed. I think back, and I know I was an awful, hateful creature. I have changed so greatly since then, and I am glad. When I was young I would’ve seen you and challenged you in an instant. But thankfully I am much wiser now.” The beast closed his eyes and rested his head on his neck, he looked rather… peaceful. His past wasn’t terribly interesting, nor uplifting, and usually to get away from talking about it he acted like he was tired.

“I take my enemies very seriously, you know. You’re not on the list, if it makes you feel better. I never add humans or anything smaller than me, really. You keep your enemies for life, and you watch them, keep tabs on them. I suppose you understand, although you call them ‘prey’, and you say you bear no hatred, nor any other emotion toward them.” He yawned slightly, opening one eye and glancing over at her. “I suppose you’re more of a… friendly rival? I don’t even know if there’s a name for what we are, honestly.” Again she patted him on the head, but rather than becoming alarmed, her touch relaxed him. He loved being petted; even giant powerful monsters needed a few good pats on the head occasionally. He gave a small growl, but rather than being threatening or defensive, it sounded more like a purr. He closed his eyes again, seeming quite content. “Enemies are eternal, but friends are few and fleeting…” He mumbled, words blending in with the soft rumbling resonating from his throat.

The Leviathan did open his eyes when she mentioned the circumstances in which he would want her to kill him, and looked her straight in the eyes. “Yes.” He was going to be more serious than he would’ve liked, but they were discussing an important matter. “In the end, I’m a pawn of the gods that created me. I was created as a way to prove a point, and at the end of days, I will be served as a dish to the righteous. This is my fate, and I know this. But in the meantime, the gods can ultimately alter my behavior or state of mind. They get bored very easily, and a wide range of things amuse them. Once, a long time ago, they messed with my head and set me on a complete rage. I was mad, absolutely insane, and I had no control over myself. I did many, many horrible things…” He paused taking a deep breath. “If that ever happens, I want you to slay me.” It was that simple and he was being completely honest with her.

Her voice was very quiet. She was whispering so he had to lean in closer to be able to hear her words. He found himself with a sort of smile on his face, as he wrapped his body around her in a sort of makeshift hug. He noticed how surprisingly warm she was for having such a cold personality, and that amused him. “Indigo, I understand. You don’t have to tell me anything you’re not comfortable with. Caution is only wise for someone with a career like yours. Err- a former career? I don’t really know anymore, so don’t mind me.” He grinned sheepishly before uncoiling from her.
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Report | 01/22/2015 12:43 pm

Shadow Belmonte


Also I keep forgetting to comment on your status - you're right about that credit.
Credit is dumb, and I wish that it can just be disposed of because it's not very beneficial to people.
Here's my ideas on it:
It shows a person is responible enough to make payments on time, and this credit can build up to make a sort of 'good reputation' for the person.

Parents can use their child(s) name and rack up many bills in the kid's name, so that when the kid grows up, their credit is practically doomed.
There is no definite way to prevent a parent from using their kid's name for bills because no one really does background checks.
Must have cash often - if a person works in a high-end job and can afford every type of insurance, own a house and an automobile, go to other countries for vacation, then they can manage to build credit easily; yet a person who works in a low-income job who can't afford any type of insurance, can't afford to go to one doctor visit, and can barely manage enough for transportation (coworker, neighbor, cab or whatever) then it's nearly impossible for that person to get credit or that person may fall behind on payments and begin getting bad credit altogether.
Must co-sign for things with someone who has both good credit and willing to pay up if the original owner refuses to pay. This actually happened to one of my coworkers - she could not find any place that wanted to sell her a vehicle in this town because she had no credits; since she had no credits, she needed someone to be a co-payer; since no one was willing to sign up with her for fear of being ripped off, she was unable to get a vehicle. (Luckily though she was able to rent-to-buy a car off of a rather rich woman who has decided to legally hand over the title and everything to her as long as she pays for everything.)

This was actually a topic that was on a news headline one day just recently, and they were discussing how young people get bad credit because of their parents' spending habits, and how there needed to be a law made preventing fraudulent accounts made on others' behalf.
My stepfather actually had many bills in his name and he used my mom, me, and my sister to gain access to things until the bills came forward, to which he never paid - and then because my mom's credit went bad, she had to put things in both me and my sister's names, just to keep a roof over our heads because of his poor spending habits.
So I know that I don't have good credit - if I went in to a place and asked them to check my credit, they're going to tell me I'm terrible, when I haven't even gotten a first attempt at getting a good credit.
Yet I'm a person who makes payments on time and in full at anything, and if my sister or my mom need money, then I make sure they get it so they can be helped out.

I believe you're right when credit-building is not as great as everyone makes it out to be.
I personally wonder why it is not scrapped right away, and a better alternative created, one without loopholes so obviously huge. emotion_facepalm
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Report | 01/22/2015 12:19 pm

Shadow Belmonte

I'm not sure if I'll be able to or not.
My mom's wanting to watch movies with me today since it's the day off work for both of us, which is pretty rare.
Currently she's napping, which is why I snuck on the computer.
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Report | 01/22/2015 12:10 pm

Shadow Belmonte


How are you doing?
*serves some strawberry cake*
*adds a few confectionary sprinkles that fall from the sky*
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Report | 01/22/2015 8:33 am

Armored Interior

[size=11]Wait, Indigo could laugh? She actually had the capacity to do that? He always thought it was just impossible for her, physically and emotionally, but apparently he was wrong. “Humans and their emotions… I never truly understood feelings until I was human and forced to feel things myself. Forced to be around other creatures that truly felt emotions and could communicate what they felt. Then it made sense. It hurts to feel, does it not?” He gave her an almost cocky grin, like he knew something that she didn’t. And if she wouldn’t tell him outright what she was, then perhaps he would have to make some educated guesses. The monster observed her, slowly slithering in a circle around her. The scaly length of his body kept extending from the magic pool as he coiled himself around her, like a serpent rope. When he had her surrounded, almost like a cat wrapped around a person’s feet, he stopped with his head in front of hers. He looked down his snout, going slightly cross eyed to look into her eyes. Icy cold, as per usual, the color of freezing sapphires. Same long hair cascading down her back, that same supernatural feel about her. Except she was immortal now. Not dead, undead, or reincarnated, those things he would’ve been able to smell. “Would the humans consider you to be something of a goddess? Do you serve the gods?” That would narrow it down a bit, hopefully. 

His sharp scales bristled when she challenged him, he instantly became defensive. “I answered honestly!” He protested, yet his jaw dropped when she so easily deciphered his hidden thoughts. How come was she able to read him like an open book but he couldn’t even figure out what species she was? Deep inside, yes he missed being human, but he thought he had hidden it well in front of her. Apparently not well enough. The Leviathan growled low under his breath when her hand made contact with the top of his head, but at the same time he had nudged closer to it. Again, it was their strange relationship. He liked being petted, but he didn’t like the idea of her, in particular, touching him. They were natural enemies, hunter and prey, and she had the power to kill him, and he feared her ability. At the same time they could hold a civilized conversation together, they had never attacked each other, only made threats, and when he was human; he couldn’t help but admit he found her dangerously attractive. She was beautifully deadly, and he always figured her looks were just a trick to lure monsters like him in, and then slit their throats.

“I do not hate you, Indigo.” It came out quietly, as if he were unsure of what he was saying. But he knew he was hurt that she thought that. “I am not your enemy…” It was hard to explain, exactly what kind of relation they had to each other, but he was going to try. “If you were my enemy, right now we would be at each other’s throats. Every time we crossed paths we would challenge each other and fight. If I truly hated you, I would kill innocents you were sworn to protect, I would cause tsunamis wherever you went, I would make sure the people close to you suffered. And if we were enemies, I would be dead. Yet here I am, alive. We have never done any of those things.” He let out a long sigh, avoiding her gaze. “I suppose we aren’t exactly friends either, at least not yet. A monster and a monster hunter being friends is ironic and unorthodox. I do not befriend my prey, no logical predator does. What if I lose control and go on a rampage? It would be your duty to slay me before I caused maximum damage, and I understand that. Friendship is a troublesome thing, Indigo.”

The Leviathan glanced up at her, still curled loosely around her. “I understand I have not earned your trust, and opening up and making yourself vulnerable to a monster like me is unwise. So please, what can I do to prove I am not a threat to you? To prove I will not use the information you give to me against you? Tell
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Report | 01/21/2015 7:33 pm


Im in a family of nurses so it was bound to happen anyway
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Report | 01/21/2015 7:22 pm


[siz=11]nursing? physical therapy? something like that
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Report | 01/21/2015 7:14 pm


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Report | 01/21/2015 7:02 pm


planning to go on a medical field rolleyes
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Report | 01/21/2015 6:53 pm


hmm I still think it that way ;n;
Im a senior in high school
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Report | 01/21/2015 6:14 pm


i didnt get to answer more than half of the free response ws cuz I was worrying about the multiple choice part emotion_facepalm
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Report | 01/21/2015 6:08 pm

Armored Interior

"Bah, Indigo. Wishes are wishes, nothing more. I am not offering to go back and change your timeline, I am merely asking a theoretical. You should not take these questions so… Hmmf- seriously?" No, that wasn’t possible. She was always serious, to the point of it being frightening. The Leviathan rested his chin on the floor by her form, eyes angled up at her, looking like a cat lying down and wanting to be petted. He looked almost silly, head on the ground while the rest of his long neck formed a tall scaly arch above him. But soon his body adjusted itself, his neck slipping down and coiling into the magical puddle, so only his head was visible. He listened to her words with care, left with more questions than answers. He tilted his head, glancing up at her with a curious expression. “You are no longer hunting…?” He repeated, genuinely surprised.

He was staring at her back now, and it briefly crossed his mind to try attacking her in this moment of weakness. Instinct, perhaps. They were enemies, sort of, it was only natural. Kill her before she killed him. The thought was rather... tempting. Then he remembered her threats, and how dangerous she was, and the thoughts were swept away as fast as they had come. "You are not... mortal?" He was very confused now. "Well, I suppose I have been addressing you incorrectly then." Usually he talked to people and rather than using their names, he called them by their species or their job. It just made more sense that way. All this time he had been calling her 'huntress' and 'human' when she wasn't. He must've seemed foolish to her. "Forgive me, Indigo." He bowed his head out of respect.

Leaning a bit closer and sniffing at her, he tried to pick out her scent. But it was impossible, there was nothing. She was untraceable. Damn. And he had a great sense of smell too. Fine, he would have to swallow his pride and just ask her. "Would you be so kind as to clarify what exactly you are, Indigo? If not human, nor huntress, nor mortal, what kind of creature are you now?"
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Report | 01/21/2015 6:04 pm


last day of finals today and completely bombed it
and just sat on my butt the whole day
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