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Report | 08/29/2016 6:18 pm

Shadow Belmonte

My gosh, the thought of marriage is intimidating, in real life just as much as in a dream.

A coworker said she'd like me to attend her wedding (ironically, we don't get along; I feel like a 'popularity counter' in her 'friend' list) and I was like, "No, no, no, no, no."
I only attended one miniature wedding - my mom's, to my second stepfather's, and I didn't wear a dress although it was heavily frowned upon that I didn't.
(No dresses would fit me. I lack boobage and have broad shoulders. Also... I got stuck on the exterior design in the dressing room, almost had to call for backup. Didn't even make it inside the dress. emotion_facepalm Not that I wanted to wear it anyways - I didn't. XD )

My in real life friend invited me to his sister-in-law's baby shower, but since I didn't really know her, and knew none of their friends or family, I was like, "No, no, no, no, no."

I don't do social gatherings and all that.
I'm as graceful as a bear at a tea party.
If I went to a shingig, I'd only show up for the food, maybe the music if they have anything good, and I'd rather be left alone from a swarm of strangers running over going, "Let me see you! Let me introduce you! Tell me about you!"

Plus me being non-religious, going to a church to observe a wedding, when the bride is not a virgin and yet wants a pure white wedding gown to promote innocence and virginity.
I'm non-religious and I really, really don't like any of it being brushed off onto me, and I have a blunt tendency to point out religious hypocrisy, so help the person that tells me to believe or go to heck, a verbal battle will go down and I will make people cry or severely tick people off.
Ticking people off is my second nature, I'm sure, although not really intentional.
It's that my father's side of the family is heavily involved in the church, usually preaching to the mass and playing music in the church; yet their views are definitely not my own - they believe I'm a sinner because I don't attend and I call them sinners because they blame me for being my 'bad' father's 'bad' child.
I'd probably be thrown out of that church, but at least I'd grabbed some food for the day before they do. emotion_awesome
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Report | 08/29/2016 5:30 pm

Shadow Belmonte

*sees comment*
*jumps out the window*
*runs away to another location and assumes another identity*

...You may now call me: SRSLY Rowling, because JK was already taken. emotion_awesome
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Report | 08/29/2016 4:51 am

Shadow Belmonte

No, which is the strangest thing, I don't know of anyone getting married at all.

I guess because it was such a black-and-white uppity affair, held in a completely silent church.
I don't do dress-up events, I don't do weddings, I don't do churches.

All I remember about that day was just being here on Gaia, then watching Pen & Teller and Impractical Jokers, and eating pot roast.
Oddly, none of them had anything to do with any of that dream, so it was completely random. XD
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Report | 08/28/2016 7:47 pm

Shadow Belmonte

Hm, I don't know if I do or not, but if I do, it's not intentional?
I mostly just try to go for a bamf look.
(Shadow can't pull off bamf though, so he's in a league of his own.) XD

All of my avatars are arranged by color though.
Gold items together, red items together, black items together.
I just pick whatever I think matches colors and layers best while trying to fit the mood - cute, bamf, scary, whatever.

(Going to bed, so have a good night!)
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Report | 08/28/2016 7:36 pm

Shadow Belmonte

~ emotion_hug

It's fine, I was away from Gaia pretty much all day.
I know about busy weeks, that happened just last week, probably going to happen this week. x-x

Yes, flat boots for females (I'd definitely buy them for females more than high heels) and gender neutral armor that actually acts as armor and not a fashion accident-accessory. XD
Valkyries are always awesome for their fighting prowess and their practical use of armor.
I remember my first fascination with the Valkyries was when I was really little, watching Bugs Bunny in What's Opera, Doc?, when it had Bugs acting like one, and then other cartoon shows that started featuring them, such as Courage the Cowardly Dog, and then seeing paintings and reading mythology and such containing them.

I feel there is too much sex appeal in most items these days, which is probably why I don't have much interest in looking at new items.
It's either something I don't care for, or something I'd never want to dress as.
Now, being a girl, I'd like my guy avatar slightly or mostly topless.
But I don't want him looking like a male hooker, because I woudn't want to draw him, and it'd feel more 'strange' to me than 'awesome'.
Because a semi-shirtless fighter is more interesting than yet-another-semi-shirtless male stripper avatar, I think. XD
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Report | 08/27/2016 10:30 am

Shadow Belmonte

Why worry about what others think?
I remember when I first made this avatar, people were like, "You're so uncreative, it's only the same item all over your avatar."
But then I was like, "But he's my character, based on the items that was created for him, based on his picture Gaia made."
And then people were like, "Oh, he's so adorable~!" without even seeing said picture.
Then it's okay for women to be entirely topless and bottomless, but when a guy avatar goes 1/3 topless, it's crime of the century.
Same thing as it's grand for certain guys to go fake-abs for their fighter look, but when I go for a fake-abs sexytimes look, people demand it to stop.
But really, it's my taste, and I really can't stand the tastes of most people who wear their avatars.
They're like, "Oh, I'm so unique," and "I'm the best," but then you see almost that same avatar in every forum or hangout on Gaia.

So whatever you feel like wearing, should be whatever makes you happy!
No sense in trying to please everyone, when everyone disagrees about something. XD

I agree, they do make female armor disgustingly sexualized.
Every time it's like, "Oh my gosh female armor, gotta check it - oh. No. Never mind. ...why the heck would they do that to armor, of all things?" emotion_facepalm
Like really, is she supposed to be there to slay the dragon, or seduce it? emotion_donotwant
Guess it's not cool for there to be less sexytimes female fighter items (such as: cute-girl type of battling girls, or girls who would rather dress sophisticatedly, or modestly, or artistically, anything compared to scantily.)
Plus I agree about the high heeled armor boots / high heeled boots of basically all kinds.
I'm a girl and in real life, I actually can't wear high heels (foot troubles) so, if I was the type who wanted to dress my avatar to match me, chances of finding matching boots would be significantly smaller than those with high heeled boots.
And I don't really see the point in it - armored high heels? Only in anime shows, which is highly unrealistic.
What girl would want to wear stiletto heels in a 500 pound suit of armor, running across a battlefield?
I do wish that Gaia would at least give more options to these kinds of items - there are so many hand poses available; multiple skin tones, multiple sleeve tones; but not boot styles.
Flat boots, I think, are usually better-looking anyways, and more practical for female fighter / armored fighter avatars.
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Report | 08/26/2016 11:48 pm


My trick is using "masculine" armor items on a female avatar.

But my current isn't actually wearing any armor at all. She is a berserker. lol
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Report | 08/26/2016 6:26 pm

Shadow Belmonte

I forgot that was the rum, I thought it was whiskey. (obvious non-drinker.) XD

Looks pretty nice, defiant female legs = best legs ever~! emotion_yatta
I'm always complaining how there aren't enough bamf female legs out there.
Goes great with the color and the fighting appearance!
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Report | 08/26/2016 4:22 pm

Shadow Belmonte

I do know of this one forum here on Gaia, maybe you could search for specific colors?
Hopefully it helps!

*Captain has to groom his people-slobbered fur, all the while having his usual, irritable face*

*hands you some Captain Morgan instead*
This might help you out, and get them cat hairs out of your mouth.
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Report | 08/26/2016 4:09 pm

Shadow Belmonte

Oh my gosh, my kitty, nooooo~! gonk
Captain: (How could you face)

Sorry, but no, and I'd probably be the last person to want to ask when it comes to female-avatar items.
On a scale of 1-10 for how good I am at that, I'd have to go with 1.
Sorry I couldn't be more helpful with that.
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Report | 08/26/2016 3:44 pm

Shadow Belmonte

*sees you sigh*
*puts Captain in your hands*
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Report | 08/19/2016 10:19 pm

Knight of Plagues

So she doesn't quite take souls and isn't quite evil? Lol
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Report | 08/18/2016 7:20 pm

Knight of Plagues

I feel as though confusions going to happen no matter what in the WG since its a bit casual... unless you were referring to somewhere else. What happened? lol
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Report | 08/18/2016 4:40 am

Shadow Belmonte

Yeah, I was planning on doing that, which is rather unfortunate, I've never had a bad review about anything I've ordered online.

But then again, everything else ordered was a DVD, many books, and an LED light for my fish tank. XD
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Report | 08/17/2016 6:50 pm

Shadow Belmonte

That's what I don't really get about it, though.
It's supposed to be a good furniture store, and almost all of the reviews were high; the only negative comments about it was how long it took some people to assemble, but nothing about them being crooked.

But oh well, I'm sure there's a corner somewhere I can shove it and hope the rest don't turn out like that. x-x'
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Report | 08/17/2016 5:52 am

Shadow Belmonte

Well, I bought a 3-piece set of furniture: two shelves, which go with an entertainment center - all silver metal and black glass.
1 set of shelves: $164.
1 entertainment center: $168

But I got charged for two sets of shelves - so, $328.

So I'm like, "...What the heck am I supposed to do with four sets of shelves?"
Anyways, skipping stuff, I'm stuck with four sets of shelves.
And opening one box to assemble one shelf - the whole thing leans at a very noticeable angle any which way a person looks at it.

But I can't take any of it back because it would be even more expensive to return it.
Returning each box of shelves - Over $200.
So that's over $400 for just the two boxes.
Plus the entertainment center - that's over $250.

So for all the furniture, I paid: $500+ (taxes and shipping and whatnot.)
To return all the furniture, I'd have to pay: $650+ (taxes and all that.)

Next time someone tells me to buy furniture on Amazon, remind me to slap them, because I wanted to go into a store and buy a real-wood entertainment center. gonk

I'm really hoping hard that the rest of the furniture doesn't turn out lopsided for anything. x-x
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Report | 08/15/2016 7:16 pm

Shadow Belmonte

Yep, kind of.
Although I've got loads of characters that I've not even used in the WGs very much.
I figured I'd wear the new outfit first instead of sending it off onto another account. sweatdrop

But thank you for noticing!

Sorry for the hi-and-bye, since I was going offline for the night.
Have a good time!
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Report | 08/15/2016 5:54 pm

Knight of Plagues

I agree. Especially since I suck at finding things lol.
Ahhh, I'm not up to much though. Quiet night in. You?
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Report | 08/15/2016 5:31 pm

Knight of Plagues

Awwh, thank you~
I've been meaning to get Knight a new hairstyle for quite a long time, but I never found much of anything in my digging around... his old one didn't really look like a natural color of blonde, and I really wanted one that was a bit shorter, and with shaved sides; and this has both biggrin
Saffron found this in like 2 seconds xD
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Report | 08/15/2016 2:18 pm

Unno Rokuro

    FLAWLY emotion_kirakira
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