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About me:

Personality (INTJ)
Favorite movie: Django Unchained
Favorite number:13
Favorite colors: Black and Blue
Western Zodiac: Monkey
Astrology Zodiac: Cancer
Moon Sign: Virgo
Any other question? Just ask; I don't bite...I swear...

I took the NEO PI-R (The Big 5) Personality Assessment for a Personality Psychology Class and according to the Assessment:
I am average in Neuroticism
low in Extraversion
high in Openness
average in Agreeableness
high in Conscientiousness

My 3DS Friend Code is 5327-1424-5151, but if you add me as a friend, pm me with your Friend Code as well.

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Thank you Houkito for these creations!

Gallery of OC art
Art By Flavee, Jatel, Ms Daffodil, Lea Florens, xxx_Stabarella_xxx, Boots3290, Shadow Belmonte, Diablo en Musica 92, izuna_13_13, Emergency Candle and Earthbound LoveGoddess (pic with La Snooze)
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