My name is Xavier
I love kick-boxing and i hope to meet my match or better one day...
I love art and i draw a lot my drawings are sort of weird, subliminal, and to some scary as i draw allot of drawing of death and that stuff... o.O
I love to do graphic designs i mostly do animation tho using photoshop but when its something for my profile i use pictures for them thats how i got these layouts they are custom made by me using a layout generator....
I also use photoshop to edit some images and make some banners and that sort.....
I play a game called unreal tournament an old 1999 game i play a lot and i play online with a bunch of buddies and stuff....
I also make maps for this game lots of them and their ok...
I am a DDR addict i play ddr a lot I'm on standard/expert mode a i play way to much ddr sometimes and if i play workout mode when I'm in a good mood or i'm in my what i call HYPER mode I'd get to stage 87 or higher......
I'm more of a shooting game fan than any other game types but I still love playing every game type........


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Thats ok smile Oh wow. That sounds like some really hard work but yet good money. Am i right? Im glad i dont work 24/7 either but yet i kinda make my own schedule. xP anyways, thats great to hear!!! I wish you luck with game design! Once you design your own game i so want to be the first one to test it out!! Please!? Lol anyways, i have been good. I get to drive to Fargo to see bf for our one year anniversary on tuesday. I am so excited! I have been playing maplestory a lot lately and just hanging out at home with family. When my stepdad gets home we have to sit down and talk and i will ahve to start paying some bills around the house or at least rent cause of what happened to my mom.

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Lol i havent been on WoW in like almost a month! Lol now its Maple Story. Hehe anyways, thats awesome!! I graduated May 17th. I am SOO glad to be done! haha now its just working all the time and going to fargo a lot smile anyways, what are your plans now that school is out? what are you going to do once the fall comes around? are you going to be going to college or taking a year off?

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HI!!! How are you!??! It has been like FOREVER since i last talked to you! What has been new with you? Hope to hear from you soon! BYE!

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Well, now you're on! biggrin
Gaia has a few glitches now. >.<
Hopefully they fix it.

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Ah...I sort of dropped Gaia for a while. Cause I moved.
And now, I came back and made awesome buddies, like you.
I'm addicted! xd
Where you too busy for Gaia? razz

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It really does. But I got over it and only miss a few things. Like event items that I liked. razz
I'm gonna send now. smile
Wel, enough about me.
How are you?

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>.< This is HawaitoNami...and I got to tell you. I'm really embarrased but *takes deep breath* my account got stolen...
Yeah, well, thanks for replying. I'll send you a friend request if you want. biggrin

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lol everything is different

thats why you don't worry to mush about it
La Tatou-Rouge

Report | 03/04/2009 8:34 pm

La Tatou-Rouge

Omg you're still alive! The least I could say is I'm still alive. Maybe ._. NINJA. Rawr

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Just dropped by to give your pro some LUV. User Image How's it been lately? I haven't seen you for a long while.