Gender: Female

Location: The Cartoon Network Universe

Occupation: Gangreen Gang Member and Decepticon


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Yo! Imma Cheyenne. Let me tell you a little bout myself: I like anime, manga, cartoons, comics, and animated movies. I love to eat, and my favorite food is Chinese food, can't stand Mexican though. I love all kinds of music and my past times are napping, video gaming, and especially drawing! emotion_kirakira

Here are a few links to other websites I am a part of!

Here's my DeviantART Profile:

And I also write stories...mostly smut, but...ya know XD Here's a link to my ArchiveOfOurOwn account and my Fanfiction account.
Fanfiction- https://www.fanfiction.net/u/2846291/Y-U-NO-SMUT
ArchiveOfOurOwn- http://archiveofourown.org/users/FlargahBlargh/pseuds/FlargahBlargh

Go check out my art and stories, yo!!! emotion_yatta


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My journal of random stuff.

Hi,this is Cheyenne. Inthis journal, I plan on writing things that I dreamed about, day dream about, ect. hope you enjoy.


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XxGarra_HellsingxX Report | 07/29/2012 5:54 am
Yes, I must say that minecraft is very fun. Sorry it toke so long to reply, I was with out a computer for three weeks.
Mega lilj Report | 08/29/2010 12:21 pm
Mega lilj
+[Skarekrow]+ Report | 07/17/2010 1:45 pm
That I am.
Who can resist that accent?
LucciolaDelphine Report | 07/02/2010 12:02 pm
nice avi i like it smile
awesome-alex14 Report | 08/29/2009 7:12 pm
Its Alex's PROFILE fool! and whats with the date??? oooooh! You cheater!!!!
yasmine cheyenne Report | 08/29/2009 6:46 pm
yasmine cheyenne
oooo how much was it btw
yasmine cheyenne Report | 08/29/2009 6:39 pm
yasmine cheyenne
they just want us to spend money on stuff so they can like keep our money!! rip off!!
yasmine cheyenne Report | 08/29/2009 6:32 pm
yasmine cheyenne
aw.. why does like all the cute gaia stuff have to be like 50k+, and all the ugly things have to be
like 10k and below...... i wish it was the other way around
yasmine cheyenne Report | 08/29/2009 6:28 pm
yasmine cheyenne
i cant even buy all the pretty stuff lol, i have 12k cash on me now and like im selling drapes for 12k and sea form dress for 6k
no 1 will buy >...<
yasmine cheyenne Report | 08/29/2009 6:18 pm
yasmine cheyenne
i dont buy gaia money. i made my money by like playing it alot and donations p: i might buy some gaia money



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