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My name is Aleksandra and I will not reveal my last name on here due to stalkers that may lurk around here. I am nineteen years old. My dream job(s) are veterinarian, anesthesiologist & lastly a business woman. My birthday is January 17, 1995, yes, I revealed the date of my birth... shocking, not really. I enjoy things like swimming, dancing (all types besides jazz & ballet), drawing, sports mostly just Lacrosse and Volleyball, I LOVE playing video games. I have been playing video games since I was five years old and I don't regret it. (:

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I can't do this anymore, Nathan. I miss you so much and us being the way we are is killing me so much. Why did you have to do this? We built everything for five years, you were the air that I breathed every day and the reason why I kept on pushing myself. I can't do this anymore, I love you so much... why did you have to go for someone you hardly know?