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tteokguk Report | 09/30/2014 5:15 pm
Hi Lee Panda, its me bella LOLOLOL
MewChiBang Report | 09/28/2014 8:20 pm
Yeah okie maybe that was a bit weird sorry nig XD sweatdrop
MewChiBang Report | 09/28/2014 8:10 pm
We are facebook friends if I recall correctly :3
I always creep on your statuses cause you always say s**t people dont have the balls to<3 its bootiful qurl

*This is so not awk okie okie.
MewChiBang Report | 09/28/2014 7:57 pm
LOLOL I recognized that siggy right away.
Lee Panda right?
Chase Hannibal Report | 09/27/2014 12:06 am
Chase Hannibal
Ohhh. Sorry, not familiar of American state. sweatdrop
Chase Hannibal Report | 09/27/2014 12:03 am
Chase Hannibal
Ahhmmm. What country?
Chase Hannibal Report | 09/26/2014 7:52 pm
Chase Hannibal
Thanks :3 Where you from bae?
Metoumo_1991 Report | 09/25/2014 7:33 pm
Thanks for your purchase!
Noise Philia Cruster Report | 09/04/2014 11:33 am
Noise Philia Cruster
What a kind sibling you are, haha, I was going to ask for your PSN if you had one.
Noise Philia Cruster Report | 09/03/2014 11:45 pm
Noise Philia Cruster
Did you say you had a game console before?? Lol dramallama


my bday is OCT 14
gifts are greatly appreciated ♥

-questing object of affections-
Dojaa is my CB hubby:bigheart:

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