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Is Fishy Zako or Zakorrna (my older username) or just Zako.

Age is a mystery!

Calm/weird person.

Tends to forget things. Mostly unimportant things.

Forever favorite instrument is piano.

Don't like country music. Not my thing...

Positivity always makes my day!

Nope to swimming.

Loves to go fishing and being outdoors! Especially while listening to music.
It gives me a pleasant and soothing feeling.

No candy or pop/soda. Cookies and brownies are a different story.

Blue spruce, silver sage, and clydesdale brown are beautiful colors to me.

Heat is terrible because I'm a snowman and will melt. Seriously!

Video games are amazing. They are like watching a movie you can interact with!

Scary things are just too much sometimes. Mostly because I am a huge scaredy cat.

I is a snowman fish!


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