-taps mic- Uh.. Hi!
One could call me Zako, but feel free to make up your own name for me.

I think I'm a rather calm and boring person, not real easy to upset me.
But I do have limits to my patience.
I like some things and dislike other things, I'd rather not write a whole list. But I suppose I'll give you a few things to go on.
Piano is forever my favorite instrument and I could listen to just that all time. ♥ Even though I can't play it myself... T^T
I hate country music. I'm sorry, but I really do.
I like drawing! Mostly traditional. I draw avis for free if you ask nicely~ [Deviantart]
I just... I don't like candy, cake, or pop/soda. But I do love cookies and milk!
Positivity always makes my day!
Nope to swimming.
I also love to fish and the outdoors! -ends list here-

My brain is constantly running, which causes me to space out a lot. Yep, it also causes me to over think most things. -sigh-
But I am a very good listener!

I tend to forget some things easily, forgive me. So please don't get angry with me IF I forget something that may or may not be important.

My imagination is a crazy and wild thing unless I want or need to use it. Silly brain~

I like to think I'm an optimistic person, I like looking on the bright side of things. I prefer seeing people smiling and being happy than the opposite.
If I am down in the dumps, I try to keep it to myself so I don't ruin anyone's day. But I'm cheerful most of the time!
But sometimes it just annoys people. Unintentionally. Apologies.

I am homeschooled, which means my school is at home. If you didn't already know~! So my life is usually busy with that. But I will be able to read PMs anytime.

I'm not in Towns 2/Rally/Hollywood very often, but if I am, feel free to bug me! You won't be a bother. I enjoy having someone to talk to.

Video games? Oh yes, I love games. Though, I don't play much on the computer like most people do. I like games with a good story and gameplay. If it has those two qualities, I'll most likely love it.

If you're still reading, you're probably very bored. Heh
Send me a PM if you wanna chat, I absolutely love receiving them~! ^^ [PMs here]

.♥.♪ ♫ ♪.♥.

Sugared Makka
Pink Chocolate Eclair
Renato Sinclair
Fishy Zako