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Gender: Male


Xbox 360.
This is my butt.
It's Nerf or nothing.
Friends call me Fish.
Twenty-five years old.
This is my face...kinda.
Currently in Boise area.
Renaissance Faire goer.
Star Wars and D&D geek.
From Bay Area, California.
I consider myself good-looking.
Gaiaversary: October 16th, 2004.
I am a man who enjoys his whiskey.
I don't do the whole drugs or weed thing.
Power, Folk, Symphonic, and Operatic Metal.
I roleplay the s**t out of my Skyrim adventures.
Things you should know about me:

Things you don't need to know about me:
Often out-smarted due to over-thinking/analyzing situations.
Still don't have a clue what to do with my life.
Very limited and hard to gain trust.
I am without a lot of discipline.
Too realistic at times.

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