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My name is Michelle. I'm a huge loser. I'm in love with Lon'qu, Makoto Tachibana, Clear, Theo, and Akihiko Sanada . And 45326 other fictional characters. And 3 living people. _(:3 」∠)_ (Me, myself, and I).
Please drown me in pictures of Akihiko Sanada and cats ty ty. I sold my life to video games.

Previously: Fire Emblem Kakusei
Tsuwabuki Daigo

3DS FC: 1461 - 7392 - 1674 - Homika

"If we want the world to change, we have to believe it’ll happen."
-Half-naked Cape Guy

"You can fry an egg on his body."
-Shinjiro Aragaki

Phlegmatic - Lawful Neutral - INTP - Libra
Kenma Kozume is almost literally me my spirit animal

☆ I love everyone, but at the same time I hate everyone
☆ I adore cats a lot
☆ Fire Emblem and Persona have a special spot in my nonexistent heart
☆ If I'm being rude I'm probably just kidding
☆ I have a tumblr + skype
☆ I play Smash and Pokemon competitively, but I suck
☆ K-pop is my guilty pleasure


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