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Name: Fira Dragonsclaw
Height: 6"3'
Weight: 180 lbs

Eyes: Grey
Hair: dark brown

Favorite colors: Blue and incarnadine
Favorite activity: fighting
Hobbies: fencing, fighting, riding horses, studying, playing piano, archery

Bio: Fira is the true princess of a kingdom which is ruled by a tyrant who treats her like his own daughter, though his son is the heir to the throne. She hates the tyrant's son, but she knows that it is her duty to do whatever it takes to become queen and save the kingdom from the tyrant.

Her parents were killed by the tyrant when Fira was very young, and she barely remembers them. Her whole family, herself excluded, was slaughtered in the battle over the kingdom. Fira's charm saved her, and she grew up with the tyrant's son. She learned to fight and often sparred with the knights and soldiers. She was given strict rules after she ran off to fight in the war, but she often broke those rules, which are never enforced.

Fira has two personalities: calm and sweet; violent and bloodthirsty. She's a bloodthirsty killer when the need arises, but need rarely arises, a fact she is glad of.
Fira Dragonsclaw