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Hello stranger and friends alike! I have been a member of gaia for 8 years now, and I have to say the changes and strides gaia has made is remarkable! however, that aside ill talk abit about myself mrgreen

My username is FidgityFox(formerly Ichigo4482) and im known to be a very friendly man. Ive been after friends wish lists for as long as I can remember, helping to achieve they're dream avatars. The satisfaction I have comes from talking and helping others, not with items I may or may not possess. One of my main hobbies happens to be playing video games. On my Xbox Live Account i am boasting around 60,000 gamerscore, which shows I have experienced alot when it comes to video games. I have even gotten into game design(only a very little). I can tell you obscure and weird facts about video games that you may not know(or care) for. As of now, im training to become one of the best UMVC 3(Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3) players on gaia! If you wish to play a friendly match, add my PSN ID: FidgityFox.

About my personal life, I barely have one which makes me all the more available online. I own Netflix and watch only abit of anime, but i will watch whatever my friends want to. I LOVE jokes and everything funny, such as obscure websites, youtube videos, and even memebase or 9Gag. I tend to get very into the supernatural, weither it happens to be ghosts, the afterlife, aliens, etc. Also if your feeling down, turn to me and ill make you feel better biggrin I aim to place other people before myself, and not myself before other people.
Kitten Marionette

My darling daughter Layla!

Layla's father ^_^

FidgityFox as done by the very talented ClassicalNocturne! That is her deviant art name, but her gaia username is Myst Fende! THANK YOU!

Another amazing work of art done by the talented Effyy!THANK YOU!