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"Call me Moo. I like Cows."

Name: Moo
Species: Mutator Formarum, Shape Shifter
Age: Often seen in early twenties.
Gender: No discernible sex, often appears female
Alignment: True Neutral
Appearance (Common): Moo is an odd one, as far as shifters go. She most commonly appears as a young woman in her early twenties, with honey brown hair, full, pouty lips and green eyes. The flesh she maintains is lightly tanned skin that is very, very smooth, lacking the small, fine Vellus hairs, referred to as peach fuzz. She has a flat chest, and curvy hips to contradict. An androgynous, though just decisively female form. She stands at 5'6" tall.
Moo has been seen in many, many different forms. As noted by her own admission, she is able to take any form she can imagine, and simply maintains her current form because it feels comfortable. She is keen minded and friendly by choice.
Sexuality: Moo is a self-admitted Demisexual. She explained that she forms emotional connections with partners over physical ones, and uses the physical one to reinforce her emotional one; A Secondary connection is established before she establishes a Primary one, and then uses the Primary to reinforce the Secondary, instead of the reverse seen in the Homo Sapien. Moo explained further, saying that shape and physical form are a cheap illusion to her, because she can change her form as required. The individual is far more valuable to her.
Limitations and Weaknesses: Moo is limited by the form she takes at any given time. The form she takes behaves exactly how that form is expected to behave, except that it does not age. As an example, her human form can have its bones broken, its flesh cut, stabbed, shot, ect. And she will experience the same pain, and it is believed that she will die from fatal wounds. Outside of combat, or given enough time to focus, however, she can reshift into the damaged form as it should be, or any other form in perfect health. Moo admits that this takes time and focus, and cannot be done in the hectic environment of combat. Infections and sicknesses must heal naturally, regardless of what form she takes. This leads to the belief that toxins, venoms and poisons behave similarly, and thus, are the most effective way to combat Moo, should it be necessary.

"I will await the worthy. All else will see me as they see the wind. I will pass by with little more than a fleeting acknowledgement."

Roleplay Rules --Click Here for more--

1. I only role play via PMs.
2. I don't respond to random starters. Try saying Hello, first. And maybe holding a conversation about a plot or setting.
3. I am okay with adult settings and themes. I am not after quickies.
4. Ladies or Gents are welcome, and anything in between. I don't discriminate against a perceived appearance. I don't care if you're pretty. I'm after some fun writing.
5. Fantasy setting preferred, But do not be afraid to offer suggestions. I am very open and friendly.

The night will find a way~


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xMorbid Desirex
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*Bows her head in silent acknowledgement*
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-_- busy busy...
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xMorbid Desirex
Miss you, Moo D:

I Am Close Report | 03/16/2014 6:56 pm
I Am Close
"isnt it thooo? hehe" smiles brightly
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I Am Close
"super special awesome" =w=
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I Am Close
"hello~ hows you?" ^_^
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"hi miss moo" :3 bows like a gentleman should.
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"baa!" whee


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"Call me Moo. I like Cows."

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