Ello there stalker. I'ma Feymark, but you most likely know me as Fey. You don't know me as Angel, though, which is my name! (Not the best of names, but better than some others I've heard...).

I reside in the mythicall and wondrous city of New York, amongst all of those busy business people and the snobby richies. Not the best place to live imo (especially since EVERYTHING is so damn expensive compared to everywhere else) but I get by. We have Nintendo world though, so that's an advantage... the ONLY advantage...

I'm currently doing exceptionally well in school.

I like to overdose on EVERYTHING, and tend to finish games and etc. in a one to two day period. Sad no? But it can come with benefits... I guess.

Really AMAZING people that have given me things:

Craptacular Poptarts: Omg... OMG she's AMAZING. I love her. She's wayyy too nice though. WAY TOO NICE smilies/icon_heart.gif smilies/icon_heart.gif smilies/icon_heart.gif

The GCD Fairy: Omg. A Noel's Gift and an epic poem... thing. LOVE.

Windy Maximus: I love you. You give me WAY too much stuff smilies/icon_heart.gif

Gundam Waffle: A 2k10 Oct. Sealed letter smilies/icon_heart.gif She saved me from frantic last minute questing.

GCD Elf: Antique Shop :0 YOU ARE AMAZING

Anon: Reve Rouille 6th Gen. Awesome sauce :'D I've wanted to get another for so long!

V-2k11 Anons Many, many gifts smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

Utano Orindae 9th Gen for my quest, man! smilies/icon_heart.gif

Chaoxingxing A Nartian Rock, 9th gen. AND A Kink's Reprise! Megaton cool!

Sinsario 120k! Super fly! And it finished off my quest for an item smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

The lovely Gio Gio Star Handed me a frickin' Tsunami Set AND Two MAN items. God yes and love and respect and -foams at the mouth-

So many more but I haven't updated this in so long ;_;


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hmm youre probs right uwu

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Thank you for the purchase~ emotion_kirakira

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I do not mean to offend you but I think it's possible that could be hacked... Because to my knowledge Deoxys was only released in an event and given out in 08. It just wouldn't make sense... But that is alright, I will wait if I need to. I can't risk tainting my game after trying so hard you know?

But thanks anyway. So how are you?

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You use Pokemon generating? I don't know if I consider it legit... It's more of a conflict with my moral. Is your Deoxy's Generated? I just need a way to get my hands on one for a second, and my girlfriend too so she can get the national dex too. But I think you take too much of a risk lol.

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A Fire Emblem fan!?? Awesome!! You seem really cool. We got to be friends! I live in Upstate NY LOL.

Hey, why are you so willing to let people Touch Trade on your Deoxy's seeing as it's legit and all? Aren't you taking a huge risk?
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Experimental Error

Right now, your avi looks like my avi`s evil twin. I:
Clever And Sophisticated

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Clever And Sophisticated

Aww thank you so much you're awesome bro. Enjoy you're gift :3

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Thanks for the gift. <3

And because I like knowing who sends me stuff. XD I used to not allow gifting at all lmao
Dank Souls

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Dank Souls

Yeah. It's kind of sad how things are so expensive in the Gaia economy!
Dank Souls

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Dank Souls

Regarding your comment on my Neku entry.
These teeth/mouth were the only ones that showed a fierce expression.
The eyes were the only reason he didn't look so fierce.
Here is the mouth if you want to check it out yourself.
I wanted to give him a fierce facial expression.