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I am known to many (me, myself and I) as the fashion master. I love to spend money, if i have it, on items for customizing my stuff, especially clothes. My favorite things to wear are jeans, preferably somewhat tight ones (conforming), not baggy, a cool hat, flowers, preferably light blue hair ones, earrings that u can actually see, finer rings, gold and gems, a bag of some sort, body conforming tees, leather, good shoes, and sometimes a jacket, but only small ones. My favorite colors to wear are blue jeans, light pink, a little white, and a little darker colors, mostly black. I also LOVE high boots and animals, and will equip as many animals as possible. As you should know, if you know me at all, I change my outfit at the very least every other day, but usually my average number of outfit changes is about 1.495 changes per day. Not only that, but I also spend 54% of my time on Gaia shopping or browsing or testing new articles of clothing for new or better styles and outfits. If you look at my inventory, you can tell I am a bit of a hoarder because i rarely sell items cuz i might use them for different outfits. Another thing about me is that i need Gaia cash and stuff. The only reason I am putting this is to hopefully get some advice on how to get some. If people actually start giving me advice on this, please don't give bad or wrong advice, nor lie. I LOVE when others give advice and then other people build on that advice, comment on it nicely (like if/how/who it works for or on) and fill in any gaps, if any exist. That way we all get advice, gain knowledge, give and receive, and will leave feeling smart, good and nice. Trust me, if this happened more often, the entire world would be a better place. Another thing about me is subtle but definitely true. I like some sports. Mainly tennis, skateboarding, basketball and soccer. If you feel like you missed anything, cant remember it, cant find it, or simply dont feel like reading it, i will list the main points/a summary below. Thank you.

emotion_bigheart I luv... emotion_bigheart
Cool, visible tattoos on "hot, fun places" emotion_awesome xd
Tight denim, such as Jeans or leather pants
Skirts ( not wide, but still visible and fashionable)
Lots of Jewelry with gems, gold and flowers gaia_diamond
Fashionable hats, besides regular old Caps and hair pins
Cool sneakers, tennis shoes, and high boots
Body Conforming tees and crop tops ( with visible necks, like v necks )
Light jackets that go down to the upper waistline
New bags, purses and totes ( cool ones, not tiny 2 inch ones)
Lots of pink, some white, gold and light blue, and a little bit of black (colors)
wahmbulance Need advice, gaia cash, wishlist items, organization and help gaia_gaiagold emotion_kirakira
Like tennis, soccer, Basket ball, ice skating and skateboarding

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Hello everybody, and welcome to "Modern Essentials Warehouse", the store of Feradance!!! That's right folks, I came up with a cool name for my Marketplace store. I bet not many others do that. I did this because it just makes it feel a little more realistic, which I like. Not only did I make a name for my store, I came up with pricing policies, buying policies, rules, what I call a "Primary Product Base" (the type of items a store sells/buys) and even a sign/logo!!!


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