About Me..

Well I'm about 6 foot 9.
I have brown, used to dye it black.
I normally wear contacts, I mix and match them sometimes, but it includes a pair of whites, blacks, red cat-eyes, and more recently a pair of Sith ones. I have pale skin. I used paint my nails black.
My average dress is black shirts with sarcastic phrases, large bulky boots with buckles, and normally bondage pants.
All in all, you could say I'm your average tall goth dude. Just a bit more chipper and up beat.

10 Random-a** things I love!

1. Boobs! (They make the world go 'round.)
2. S&M, and D/s.( Most of you probably don't know what that is.)
3. Affection. (What can I say? I'm a loving person!)
4. My friends.
5. Playing Grab-a**. (What? Its FUN!)
6. Sushi (Yummmmm.)
7. Being stared at like I'm a crazy devil-worshiper. (Those moments are hilarious.)
8. Pink. (Only when its paired with a lot of black.)
9. Magic the Gathering! (I know, I'm a nerd.)
10. And, the interwebz!

10 Random-a** things I hate!

1. Stupid People.
2. My job.
3. Papercuts.
4. Most of my Ex Girlfriends.
5. Writers Block.
6. Posers, fakes.
7. Fratboy types.
8. Smoking. (I really need to quit.)
9. Pukeing.
10. My full name. ><


Ego Likeness, The Last Dance, Thou Shalt Not, Bile, The Cruxshadows, Voltaire, Bella Morte, Mindless Self Indulgence, Rammstein, KoRn, Kittie, Disturbed, Slayer, SpineShank, Slipknot, Tool, Ozzy, Kidney Thieves, The Used, Killswitch Engage, Rob/White Zombie, Cradle of Filth, Murderdolls, Lamb of God, Papa Roach, Led Zeplin, Skinny Puppy, System of a Down, Tenacious D, Combichrist, Alice in Chains, VNV Nation, Voodou, Funker Vogt, Neuroticfish, Wumpscut, The Bloodhound Gang, Nine Inch Nails, Type O Negative, The Dresden Dolls, Jack off Jill, The Birthday Massacare, Lacuna Coil, KMFDM Most bands signed by Metropilis Records, More to come as i think of them.


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Fenris-Chosen's Book of many things!

I am using this journal to keep track of all My art, and donations! I may keep track of other things too! If you have donated to Me, just PM Me if your name doesn't appear in here. Also, if I have art that you have done (Some of it is really old!)


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Get naked.
PMs aren't working for me so yea.

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Happy Birthday!

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    Pukes all over you.
If Only I Could TeII You

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If Only I Could TeII You

O bby.

If Only I Could TeII You

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If Only I Could TeII You

XD...thanks for...redecorating?

If Only I Could TeII You

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If Only I Could TeII You

You don't have enough comments on this b***h.
-Leaves love everywhere and sprinkles it on your nose.-


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- Smiles sweetly -

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Hello :3

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No problem, Cap'n! 8D

Ugghhh. This paper cut it so bad. I keep forgetting it's there, because it's so mundane, and then every ten seconds.. ouchies. gonk


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