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Gender: Male

II Cutely Perverted II on 04/17/2015
Kawaii Desu Senpaii on 04/15/2015
Andras Van Malice on 04/13/2015
Belladonna the Demon on 04/13/2015
Moonphase Kaiya on 04/10/2015
Clock Senpai on 04/06/2015
Thackery Binxx on 04/06/2015
Trickster Francis on 04/03/2015
Requiem IV on 04/02/2015
Kinkitty on 04/01/2015
Misfix on 03/22/2015
Filthy on 03/20/2015
Soul Remnant on 03/03/2015
iAngeline on 02/28/2015

-Music preference varies on my mood
-Depending on your actions is the way I'll treat you
-Playful sarcasm is fun
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