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ALL of my characters are OC (Original Characters) which means I created them and play as them. If you do not like this, then do NOT RP with me. I have a MARVEL guild her eon Gaia and a site it links to for playing on. Since this site is for teens, the other site is a bit more adult, with the acceptable violence and cussing. If you're interested then join my Guild her eon Gaia, MARVEL: DARK UNIVERSE. It's our own timeline and universe, Earth-9199. You can be a Canon or your own OC, but please be logical about your OC's. <3

A few other things I'd like to say is:

I made my own profile. So please do NOT copy it.

The COMMENTS section is for RP only, if you just post to say 'HI' then I WILL DELETE IT if I can or ASK that YOU do. If you want to say Hi to me or tell me you like something, just PM me, I'm cool with that. <3

I only RP MARVEL, I don't do cross-overs. My Guild is the same way. If you are DC or some other genre or comic, or movie verse then I will NOT RP WITH YOU. No offense to you at all. <3 I just prefer not to. I can talk with you though, just not your character. :T


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Praxius The Mad

Id rather be on Asgard

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Aɢᴇ ◆ 26
Sᴘᴇᴄɪᴇs ◆ Nephilim
Gᴇɴᴅᴇʀ ◆ Female
Wᴇɪɢʜᴛ ◆ 122lbs.
Hᴇɪɢʜᴛ ◆ 5' 8"
Eʏᴇs ◆ Golden Brown {Glows silver-white}
Hᴀɪʀ ◆ Blonde
Mᴀʀᴋɪɴɢs ◆ Enochian Tattoos


◆ -Super Strength- .. As a Nephilim, she has enough strength to toss low-level angels around...
◆ -Moderate Invulnerability- ..She possesses high tolerance for pain and can withstand attacks from high-ranking angels. ..
◆ -Astral Perception- ..She can perceive the true forms of angels and withstand seeing their true form...
◆ -Telekinesis- ...Able to telekinetically move beings and objects with her mind...
◆ -Telepathy- ..Can read the minds of low-level angels when they are near her, and through touch can read the minds of humans...
◆ -Enochian Tattoos- ..Enochian Protection Runes have been tattooed onto her upper back between her shoulder blades and ‘leaking’ down her spine. They protect the bearer from being viewed remotely from higher powers such as Angels, seers, mystics, and Demons.
◆ -Nephilim Rage- ..The Imbalance of Angelic Grace and a Human soul inside of her leads to a roller coaster of emotions. This leads to a short temper and she is easily agitated and frustrated.


Thalia has a bit of a dark and lonely personality, preferring to keep her own company and often seeming aloof to the suffering of others just to keep to her own business. Due to her overly strict, and often harsh, Catholic upbringing, Thalia has a strong hatred for religion, nuns, priests, and religious zealots. Being what she is, an abomination in the eyes of the Angel's, there really isn't any place safe for her. Add in that demons want to use her, and Earth is a like Hunger Games meets Angels vs Demons. What she wants most is family -her family to be exact- which consists of a whole legion of Angels, who want nothing to do with her other than to stick an Angel blade in her heart.

Thalia isn't cruel or unnecessarily harsh; she is kind to those who she believes deserve it. Her sense of right and wrong is influenced by both her soul and Grace, making the simplest decision a mental argument nightmare. Being alone and on the run for so long has warped her social skills and given her a dark sense of humor and view of 'normal' everyday things. She longs for a normal life, but hates to think of herself as some average boring and useless 'normal' chick. Thalia is mainly just a lonely soul with an overdeveloped delusion of self-importance just so she can survive without some sort of mental breakdown. She may pretend and put up a string front, but in the end, Thalia wants that 'white picket fence' dream life; complete with house, husband, and two kids.

What I like
✔ Pie, Cobbler, Cake, Fudge, Chocolate, sweets
✔ Being Loved
✔ Long baths with good music and candles
✔ Attractive men
✔ Kittens
✔ Rain
✔ Being funny/happy
✔ Living
✔ Fried foods
✔ Playing violin & Painting
✔ Being Snarky/Sassy
✔ Exploring
✔ Watching TV/Listening to Music

What I dislike
✖ Being Hunted
✖ Judged/Judged wrongly
✖ Killing/Hurting people
✖ Ground Meat
✖ Assholes, Violent and/or Drunk people
✖ Being lonely
✖ Unable to ‘connect’ to others
✖ Being Controlled/Used as a pawn
✖ Angels & Demons
✖ Being Bored
✖ Thunder

Thalia was born to Lydia LaRue, an actual follower of a religion worshiping Dionysus, and the Archangel Gabriel, who had a fondness for wild fun-loving women. After she fell pregnant from a few affairs of theirs, Gabriel vanished from her life leading Lydia to become bitter and forcing her to focus on her wild Maenad behavior.

Unfortunately, when she gave birth to her Nephilim baby her body was consumed in a white hot fire and it was unknown of what caused it. It is speculated that another angel found Lydia and tried to destroy her before she game birth to the Nephilim. Oddly, the infant was unharmed, as if protected by some force, and was found by a volunteer firefighter in the building her mother had burned down by her death. He took her to the hospital and after some care, was given to the State and placed into an orphanage.

The head of the Orphanage, ran by the local Catholic Church, was a Priest known as Father Paul. Immediately he could sense something was off with this child, nothing either holy or demonic, and baptized her immediately upon receiving her to his orphanage.

Over the years that she was raised there, a rift between the other kids and Thalia formed, they thought she was a freak. After a few more years, Father Paul began to have horrid dreams of fire and death. He started to claim that an Angel was speaking to him and on behalf of God he should smite the young girl. He knew it to be wrong to kill an innocent girl and it slowly drove him mad over time.

During one summer, when she was 12, the children were allowed to have a day at the local pool and the Nuns took them for a fun day of frolicking in the water. Father Paul had quite another idea in mind and he kept young Thalia at the Orphanage and told her she needed to be purified and cleansed from this world. He prayed and shoved her under the surface of the baptismal pool, unable to swim started to thrash and panic under the water as he held her down.

It didn’t take long before she was drowning and as she did time slowed to a stop, frozen in panic under the water before a huge blast forced the water from the pool in a explosion of stinging water. Coughing up water at the bottom of a now empty pool, Thalia lay there crying, screaming that he tried to drown her. The nuns came out and must to their shock of seeing a now empty pool and the nearly water torn body/skeleton of Father Paul, they screamed and prayed to the Heavens, claiming the child was evil and had driven Father Paul mad.

Thalia screamed at them and ran back into the building where she grabbed her things and promptly ran away. Over the weeks following this, she hid out in several people’s homes, taking things here and there and then leaving for another place. She would stop at gas stations and wash herself and leave. It was a very dangerous and spotty way to live for a young pre-teen girl. Several drivers who saw her and tried to pick her up found out that she wasn’t normal and they ended up comatose for their attempted sexual and physical abuse against her.

Thalia started to run scams when she met one street thug who saw an easy profit from her innocent look. She would complain about having lost her puppy in residential neighborhoods and then while they helped her lock, the gang would rob their house. They also scammed old ladies for money as they pretended to have a charity drive for the Church, going door to door. This ended when The thug who found her tried to use her for himself leading Thalia to slam him against a wall with her mind. Unfortunately, he didn’t move after hitting the floor and she panicked and took his money, as much food and clothing as she could carry in a bag, and ran for it.

A now 16 year old Thalia went back to hitchhiking and playing on the kindness of others to survive. Over the years she had made it from her birth town of Sacramento, California all the way to Lawrence, Kansas, and has circled the U.S nearly twice, never going back to the same towns.

Even at age 18-26, Thalia has been doing the same thing for years (and has grown tired of it), she has picked up the mission of tracking down who her Angelic father may be, but has had little luck, only succeeding in running into demons, monsters, and Angels who want her dead or to use her. This led to her studying all things Angelic and learning (naturally) Enochian symbols, being well versed enough naturally as a Nephilim, to have a series of protection wards and a cloaking wards tattooed on her body. The protection wards are on her wrists and ankles in the form of a round glyph on the inside of her wrists, while the cloaking ward is located in a series of lines of glyphs down her spine.

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