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This is my very first account.
I just got it back on 9/19/2011;
After I was locked out for 3 Years!

I'm a Gamer and designer~!
I love Anime and Manga.
I also Love Japan and
Medical Science. ^_^

My Account name is female-kami,
because I took a test, back once
I was 14. The test was to see
which Malice Mizer member I
was; and it said I was Kami.
Kami is the name of the band's
dead drummer. It was spooky!
So once my friend red helped
me make this page, she gave
me the name female-kami.
My display name is no way
related to DBZ~! =.=

I have two mule accounts.

here are some links to
some of my fave musicians:
X Japan
Yellow Fried Chickenz
Acid Black Cherry
Moi Dix Mois
The GazettE

Female Kami

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Registered: 10/05/2004

Gender: Animal

Birthday: 11/01

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X Japan - Dahlia