I'm male, born in '94 and raised in the state of Victoria, Australia.

My love is art, music, and food. I've a little amount of college/university education in the former. But I've chosen the path of studying the human mind instead. It didn't really interest me to begin with, even though I scored well enough in psychology in highschool, but I've developed personal interests in both mental disorders and criminology. Most days I think if I've made the right choice or not, but any day I know I can likely achieve more good through a career in the field of Psychology than I could as an artist. I still retain art as a valued hobby, I like to sing when no one's around, and I put a lot of work into my cooking whenever it's for other people to relieve them from the monotony of eating the same boring-looking thing every day if nothing else XP

I'm psychologically androgynous. That means I don't feel a personal association with gendered behaviours and activities. This is something most people don't notice and I don't announce, since others usually place their own view of your gender upon you which prevents them from seeing. In reality my brain moves in a way that is unlike anything people say about me. FYI sex and gender are two different things. Sexing is physical. Gendering is psychologically-constructed and therefore cannot be directly observed.

My personality according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator toggles between INFJ and INTJ depending on the week. In any case, I score close to 50-50 either way for the third criteria every time. It's no wonder I generally feel so isolated. INFJs and INTJs both only represent about 1% of the population respectively. I'm not sure on the statistics for people who're so borderline. In any case to an impatient person I may be dismissed as arrogant or self-centred, but those who take the time to know me, know that the truth couldn't be more different. Everything I choose to do is done so out of a belief that it will benefit those immediately around me or just the greater good in general. I'm quite comfortable being isolated in a single room for days at a time if I'm working on something, but I also highly value my close friends, as I consider them to be as much a part of me as the things I personally choose to do. A simple conclusion to reach when I consider how heavily they influence me regularly, and visa-versa.

I suffer some pretty annoying anxiety and depression. Almost goes with the territory. From time to time I can also be quite suicidal. That's a thought-pattern.

I'd also say I'm a transhumanist. Which believe it or not isn't about transsexuals. It's about the interest of enhancing the human condition. Things like eliminating the grip that ageing and disease have on our species, but can also mean the enhancement of our condition well beyond it's natural state. This differs from posthumanism as a whole in the sense that I have no interest in being an android someday (a joke), I just want the most to be made out of the bodies we are born with.

-Even heroes have the right to bleed



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All the best to you then. I know how hard it is to arrange work and study at the same time, so you definitely have your work cut up for you.
J o k e rs Dragon

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J o k e rs Dragon

Thanks for the add! How's it going?

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Ooh, it's good to hear that you're going back to Uni. Will you be continuing your major?
I've been pretty good myself. I've just been working and saving money to move to
NYC by next year or something. Adulting is hard. xp

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Very well said and very true... with so many cultures in our mixing bowl things need to settle a bit more so to speak...But I agree with everything you've said. It makes it so much easier just to be able to talk to someone and not have to explain or even translate every second word or sentence. Time zones can be a nightmare also...I usually find myself popping online just as everyone else is going to bed.

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Well that is always a good thing if you ask me! *smiles*

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Thank you for the friends request...it's always great to hear from another Aussie! smile

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Sup? emotion_yatta

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Hi! Welcome to the Newbie Supporting and Training Guild. smile

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Thanks, and we can't wait to see you around the guild! emotion_hug

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Hey man! Thank you so much for the birthday wish!
I've been meaning to pop and shoot a message. I am just totally lazy lately.
Motivation is shot. haha.

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Wow that does seem like forever ago razz that's good of you sorry i haven't been around is SOOO long!!


♂ of '94; Psychologically Androgynous; INFJ / INTJ;

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