Our escapist tendencies have led us to this time and place,
          Counting out the minutes, seconds, and moments between.
          Here we have come to fulfill an endless wish,
          That which can be addressed, but never sated.
          Remember the time when you first came to this place,
          The things you have done since,
          And remember them when you have gone.
          Tomorrow you may not attend this festival of fools; but,
          Dreamer you are here,
          If not in body then in spirit,
          Full of Light,
          And Sound.
          You made it to my profile: Congratulations!
          I'm Felinicus Mow,
          And this is my work-in-progress profile!
          I appreciate any tips or tricks to do with Classic Profile coding.
          No I really, REALLY, do.
          (Still trying to figure out how to get my wishlist to show up.)
          Hint: To Friend/Trade/Message/Ignore me the clock knows more than it's telling.
          I'm 23 years old and I live on the East Coast of Canada.
          To dispel some myths about Canadians, we do not live in igloos.
          Igloos are the traditional hunting lodges of the Inuit, who are the native aboriginal people of the northern reaches. It's no different than setting up a tent when you go camping...just made of ice.
          We have summer, and it is the spawn of the ninth circle of hell.
          It is true however true that our winters are wicked cold.
          You'll see a few Krispy Kremes and Dunkin Doughnuts shops here and there close to the American border, but where our hearts truly lie is in good, clean-perked Tim Hortons coffee.
          Ah, Tims, sweet Tims.
          The East is more french than the West.
          The West is more wet than the East.
          The Party is in Ontario.
          And the Money is in Alberta.
          And yes...we do say "Eh?"
          I know I do.
          I enjoy original music, yes, that means something that's not about sex, drugs, or money (shocking isn't it?)
          The poem at the top of this Rant of DOOM is cannibalized from a source I can't remember, but most of it is me.
          I think Shakespeare is funny. (Read Twelfth Night...HA!)
          I write short novellas, compose songs, and try to stay away from emotive soul-searching poetry...there's more than enough bleeding hearts out there to do that without my help.
          Personality wise I'm a vain, egotistical, opinionated social-brat.
          So you may not like me.
          I can however, promise that I am awesome.

          Moving on.

          Fun Facts About Me:
          -I can whistle and hum at the same time which produces a sound roughly like a steam kettle going off.
          -Both of my thumbs bend at ninety degree angles, a trick which has helped me win many a mercy fight.
          -I am undefeated in thumb wars.
          -One of my favourite snacks is Stuffed Grape Leaves. There is no way to describe the taste, it is acquired over a great deal of eating said grape leaves.
          -I dislike my given name because it is common. I may someday legally change my name, just for the heck of it.
          -I often pretend to be a foreigner at bus-stops and adopt crazy accents to try and fool the people around me into thinking I'm from Russia, or some place equally distant.
          -I've never been to Russia.
          -Cheese is my second favourite snack. I can consume an entire block of cheddar in one sitting.
          -I like american comic book style and original graphic novels. (Girl Genius is the bomb!)
          -Most of the sayings I use are swiped from the late seventies and early eighties. I blame my mother for this. Cool beans yo?
          -My mother is an honest to goodness Clown, she does face painting and animal balloons...and yes she has shown up to PTA meetings in drag.
          -I have perfect pitch, which means I can memorize the melody of a song in one shot, though the words might take a miss.
          -I LOVE GAIA!

          Now that you know all about my quirks consider yourself warned. I bite.
          But truly underneath this rough exterior, with a dose of general insanity and lack of a tenuous hold on reality...
          I'm perfectly normal.

          Send me a PM.
          I love PM's.
          Preferably with gift attached xd


          Have a nice day!


          Ps. The Cake Is A Lie.


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