[About me, irl~]

Ciao! I'm Feliciano Vargas! I'm the north half of Italy~
-He nods and smiles.-
My brother, Romano, is the south half!
He's kind of a grump but he's starting to warm up to people..
I like siestas, pasta, and most of all, my wife, Louise!
And we have a daughter whois pretty much the entire world to me.
Aloisia Alouise Vargas.. I'll be the best dad I can and protect her no matter what!
-Suddenly got a very determined look on his face!-
If you couldn't guess, I love my family, ve.
-Returned to his normal smile.-
More than anything! More than pasta and pizza and siestas combined!
Ve.. and I think starting a family was about the best thing that ever happened!
My brother's starting to get along with Germany's family...
Oh! And I recently learned that I have an awesome cousin named Denmark~
Well, cousin-in-law, really, but we're still related, right? ^^;

I'm real friendly so if you wanna know anything else you can just ask me.
I don't bite! Ciao for now!
-Waves off with a large smile.-

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