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Gender: Female

Birthday: 08/07


I have signatures disabled due to photosensitivity. Please take this into consideration.

Also, avatar storage blog.
(Not a shipping blog despite the url.)


wishlist (a.k.a. things i can't obtain on my own)


Disclaimer(?): You're welcome in regards to me buying the item from you.
(I've disabled comments because replies outside of the actual forums on here push my anxiety past the limit nowadays. And because I don't want people harassing me for donations when I'm struggling myself.)

- Call me "Feather" if you are referring to me unless you know me personally. It's easier for everyone.

- Female and lesbian.

- I have social anxiety (diagnosed as "social phobia", but people tend to use the former more often). I won't talk to you without being talked to first, even if we have talked before or I have assurance that it's okay.

- Buying stuff from the marketplace is pretty much the only social interaction I really have on here sans events and (rarely) posting/tipping in the MFEO thread.

- I have gifs disabled on my browser because they give me migraines; likewise for animated items (which cause lag anyway).

NOTE: I have PTSD from childhood abuse. My triggers involve a lot of appearance/sight-related things, but Korrasami is one of the biggest triggers for reasons outside of appearances, and it's already nigh-unavoidable, so please don't talk about Korrasami to me, and don't try to convert me to liking it -- I'm not even in LoK fandom, nor do I want to be.
(Likewise, if you ship Heather/Nephenee, Elincia/women, Heather/Ilyana (fervently, anyway), Heather/men, Fiona/men, or Jarod/Micaiah, we won't get along.) Yes, I am in therapy, but no, these aren't going to be addressed because, you know, fandom. Sorry if I come across as entitled, but I've been abused by friends before (that exploited disorders/disabilities I had), and I'd rather not go through it again.


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kitsuyei Report | 11/20/2014 2:12 pm
Thank you for your patronage ;3
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Memories of Happiness

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Lady Saosin
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Luminate of Crown Royal
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Thank you for your purchase.
The Better Part Report | 10/19/2014 4:37 pm
The Better Part
Thank you for purchasing "Sumafo Compulsion"! Enjoy~
CheebaChii Report | 10/11/2014 1:42 am
Thanks for buying! Awesome avi by the way! Have a great weekend! yum_pumpkinpie
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Thank you for buying :3
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i`m completely on my own in regards to questing
(as in i don`t get gifts/donations of any sort);
as such, no PMing/offers.
just buy it.


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