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Gender: Female

Birthday: 08/07



I have signatures disabled due to photosensitivity. If there's something in your signature you need me to see, tell me.

Also, avatar storage blog.
(Not a shipping blog despite the url.)


wishlist (aiming for gofusion items with charms only)


Note: I don't friend people I haven't seen or interacted with prior to the request, due to various factors.

If we haven't interacted and you have a bunch of gifs on your profile, I'm only going to assume you're trolling me or attempting to troll me even though I have settings on my browser so that gifs don't "move". I may do friends list "cleanouts" in fits of depression as well. (Yes, I'm going to get therapy at some point.)

I'm not a mind-reader, and I don't want requests hanging in limbo for months at a time. It's your responsibility to friend me again if you valued that at all.


- Call me "Feather" if you are referring to me unless you know me personally. It's easier for everyone.

- I am lesbian. (Before getting on my case about this being on my profile, I am "out" and it does influence the way I approach certain subjects, but not all subjects. That's the only reason I'd mention it.)

- I'm disabled, part of which does influence my experience on Gaia. Details here. (If it doesn't show up correctly, the post date was 8/25/13.)

- I'm 21.

- MBTI is probably ISTP or INTP, but I can't tell because I have a disorder that's yet to be diagnosed, and the MBTI system relies on the person being at their best. Modern western astrology is more reliable for my personality in this regard, which is saying something.

- Sun: Leo | Moon: Aries | Ascendant: Taurus | Mercury: Cancer | Venus: Cancer | Mars: Virgo.

- I really like astrology, as in "stacks of books about astrology and birth charts" really.

- My grammar varies in quality, namely in capitalization and punctuation. Spoiler alert, the only times I use proper grammar are when I'm extremely serious in public and when I'm formatting a post.

- I have social anxiety, so if I am not familiar with you, odds are I will be incredibly cautious, not very talkative, and awkward -- in fact, my anxiety has gotten bad enough that I won't talk to you without being talked to first, even if we have talked before or I have assurance that it's okay.

- I probably also have at least one undiagnosed disorder. (Yes, I was abused. No, not sexually, and yes, it was by a "peer". Yes, she got away scot-free.)

- My OTP is Heather/Fiona from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. I have other ships, but I've shipped this the longest aside from Leonardo/Eddie. (Yes, it's a yuri crack pairing; no, I don't ship FE yuri as a whole, and I actually hate the majority of Heather/girls ships in addition to Heather/men.)


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o3o Duckies o3o
Thank you for your purchase~ :pud
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Forgotten Warrior Angel
thanks for buying heart
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Kira Beth
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Huroggmeten Report | 08/05/2014 11:05 pm
Thank you very much for listing Morgan! <3
Love the avi, and good luck on your quests. ^.^
LoreliStorm Report | 06/25/2014 7:54 pm

Hello there! I hope I'm not a bother. I just wanted to thank you for your purchase.
yukiko347 Report | 06/17/2014 1:12 am
Thank you for your purchase
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Thank you for buying hope you enjoy


Pretty much questing forever thanks to inflation.

No PMing. No offers.


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