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Gender: Female

Birthday: 08/07


I have signatures disabled due to photosensitivity. Please take this into consideration.


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Note: I have friend requests and PMs blocked for social anxiety-related reasons.
Comments are disabled/not visible on my profile for similar reasons.

- Call me "Feather" if you're referring to me. It seems to be easier.

- I have social anxiety. I won't talk to you (unless it's a reply to a topic)
without being talked to first. This doesn't change if we've talked before.

- Buying/selling stuff from the marketplace is the only regular
social interaction I have on here, and it's often the most I'm capable of.

- I have gifs disabled on my browser because they give me migraines,
in addition to causing a ton of lag; likewise for animated items.
It's not that I can't see gifs, it's just that I can only see the first frame.


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wow. such journal. many reference. very sort

someday I'll come up with a journal name that isn't an old meme



No PMing/offers.


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