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Gender: Female

Birthday: 08/07


I have signatures disabled due to photosensitivity. If there's something in your signature you need me to see, tell me.

Questing Fusion Expert achievement: 16/50

Also, avatar storage blog.
(Not a shipping blog despite the url.)


wishlist (aiming for gofusion items with charms only)


Note: I don't friend people I haven't seen or interacted with prior to the request, due to various factors.

- Call me "Feather" if you are referring to me unless you know me personally. It's easier for everyone.

- I am lesbian. (Before getting on my case about this being on my profile, I am "out" and it does influence the way I approach certain subjects, but not all subjects. That's the only reason I'd mention it.)

- I'm disabled, which does influence my experience on Gaia. Details here. (If it doesn't show up correctly, the post date was 8/25/13.)

- I'm 20.

- Self-identified Ravenclaw.

- MBTI is probably ISTP or INTP. Modern western astrology is more reliable for my personality in this regard, which is saying something.

- Sun: Leo | Moon: Aries | Ascendant: Taurus | Mercury: Cancer | Venus: Cancer | Mars: Virgo.

- I really like astrology, as in "stacks of books about astrology and birth charts" really.

- My grammar varies in quality, namely in capitalization and punctuation. Spoiler alert, the only times I use proper grammar are when I'm extremely serious in public and when I'm formatting a post.

- I have social anxiety, so if I am not familiar with you, odds are I will be incredibly cautious, not very talkative, and awkward. Sorry. (Incidentally, my anxiety has gotten bad enough that I won't talk to you without being talked to first, even if we have talked before, unless we've known each other for years. Sorry.)

- My OTP is Heather/Fiona from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. I have a few other ships, though. (And platonic/friendshippy ships for days.)


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Hello there! I hope I'm not a bother. I just wanted to thank you for your purchase.
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Thank you for your purchase
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Thank you for buying hope you enjoy
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Chai Boba
yum_puddi Thanks for the purchase!✧
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Thanks for purchasing && Have a great day!!~
Cyntryli Report | 05/20/2014 6:20 pm
Thank you for buying and I love your name!
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l0li mage
thankes for buying heart
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Thank you for your purchases 4laugh
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Thank you for buying!
Philharmonic Helix Report | 03/18/2014 11:51 am
Philharmonic Helix
Thank you for buying, it's greatly appreciated!


Pretty much questing forever thanks to inflation, but mostly questing for GoFusion items/achievements.

No PMing. No offers.


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