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Update February 22, 2014: FoxDemonAreiku V2 is banned.

My name is Areiku.
I am twenty-two years old.
I've been here on Gaia since 2005.

I used to frequently make the Lesbian/Gay topics in Towns.
I was a regular in Site Feedback.
I used to be an item collector.

All of that is over.
It's been fun while it lasted.
I've enjoyed my time here.
I will miss you all, my dearest friends.
Thank you for sticking with me till the very end.

*And since they banned Fox Demon Areiku V3 not long before it was created, I have a feeling that they're going to ban this one eventually. If so, it just goes to show they favor money over it's long time users who stuck with them. I hope one day you guys will join me and stop supporting this website. Quit and move on with your lives.*

Goodbye everyone

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