My favorite color is red.
I'm a 90's kid through and through.
I do lift bruh.
I am a huge dog person.
I'm in the SoCal area for right now.
I cuss with a' gusto.
yeah, this is me.
if you're here and confused,
i add people on impulse,
i probably thought you'd be cool to talk to or something.
music is a huge contact point for me.
i feel the more free and open you are about music,
the more open and free you are as a person.
i change it up every now and then,
but if you remotely like any of the songs i like to wave below,
i'd probably like to talk to you,
so do it. comment-pm me.
it's the ******** internet,
how awkward can it really be.


The Weeknd

Childish Gambino

Jhene Aiko

Bruh, or nah?


Don't worry, it's ok. It's all going to be ok.

fckin catalina wine mixer

Under Construction.

Under Construction.