LDR Know him for 5 years. Arent we cute! xD
Happily committed 3 years, 7 months and still counting!
With my hubby, Chazz

Hello~ When was the last time i was on here??? I dont ever remember xD You may find me on facebook, ask me if you would like to keep in touch lols

Vickyll22(on paper)llCoffed's TwinllLaos&Thaill5'0"

-BTS Obsession phase
-Career goal Airlines
-Kpop fan
-Likes Contrast
-plays VOEZ (great de-stresser)
-Return oF Superman show
-Kdrama addict
-Anime fan
-Adore and Support Interracial couples < 3
-I draw, when I feel like it xD
-Mint green, fave color
-Walking Dead fan, thanks to boo lol