Hiya, I go by Fawlin or Vicky.
I don't ever really login here anymore lol. consider me semi-hiatus
Pisces//ISFP personality X
04.21.13.Am taken, by a very amazing, dedicated hardworking man Chazz ♥Love you hubby♥
I'm attracted to contrast lol. I find Chazz and I are contrasting alot in some ways, 5'0" & 6'1"♥ Introvert & Extrovert, funny & lame etc.
We're Stronger than ever! Committed 46 MONTHS! &&still counting!♥

~we'll always work things forward, together. Even if we are apart♥ Our distance apart is only temporary c: #LDRsupporter
[My interests lie in...

♥...Kpop Recently got hooked on BLACKPINK♥ Excited for B2ST to comeback as HIGHLIGHT!!!
Some artists I like...BTS, GOT7, BTOB, B2ST, BAP, EXOetc.
♥...Anime - I love Romance/Shoujo/Action/Supernatural genres most. I enjoyed... Clannad:Afterstory, Guilty Crown, Beyond the Boundary, RE:Zero, etc
Holding off finishing Yuri on Ice I don't want it to end!
♥...Working out Gotta stay fit! ahah, i enjoy working out, I only recently started going. c:
♥...Gaming - Although I don't game as much as I used to, I do play sometimes. Like... Pokemon Go!! Overwatch, Terraria, World of Final Fantasy, Gravity Rush 2
♥...Shoes... I developed a SLIGHT shoe obsession xD I LIKE SHOES YES
♥...Cute things! Am as sucker for cute thing! omgawd... even my fave color is cute! Mint green♥♥♥
♥...Food! ahah food is love. a partial love for food, tis I!
♥...Social Media Just the typical YT, FB, IG
♥...K-Dramas! Love love love kdramas! YASSS I enjoyed GOBLIN OMFG FRUG YEAAA!!!!...Your voice♥, Moorim school, My amazing boyfriend, School 2013, Pinocchio, Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo!♥ etc