I haven't written one of these shits in forreeevver.
Well, howdyho.
I'm Jo.
You can call me Jo or Jolie.
I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, whiicchh I still lay my roots and live.
I'm 18-years-old and entirely too awkward to function as a normal individual.
Usually I say "Eh, normal shmormal." But, it gets outta hands sometimes. Haha.
I've never even dated, had my first kiss, held a dudes hand romantically, or whatever.
I guess you could say my personality is all over the place.
So is my interest in hobbies, music, taste in style, and whatever the ******** else.
I am very self-concious.
Like incredibly ******** bad.
I've also self diagnosed myself with depression, bipolar, and probs some kind of personality disorder.
I'm a disaster, but I promise you that I'm a terrific friend and am always here to help you with whatever I can.
If you have any questions or just wanna shoot me a message, then jussstt shoot me a damned message haha.
I may add or tweak a few things, but, yea.
Later gator.

They want the D