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Gender: Female

Location: In the kitchen.

Birthday: 06/06/1993

Occupation: Professional procrastinator.

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Stalkers and bros.

Deadly Cheshire on 10/19/2014

Pretty much Fapkin's life in a textbox.

Hai to all whom were captivated by my amazingness..
Who are currently reading this..
And will be under my control in 3.. 2..
Just kidding! Now, on with the tour.

I'm generally a happeh person...
Although I'm a smartass and I'm known to pick random arguments...
But, everyone has their "I wanna be a b***h!" moments.

My name is Angelique.
I really hate labels so I don't use them.
I'm currently twenty- one years old.
My birthday is June 6th.

My sexual orientation is pansexual.
I'm in a serious marriage.
It started on February 17th and I'm very happy.
We became married on August 29th of 2013.
We also have a seven- month- old baby girl and have no regrets.
So just don't even consider asking.

I graduated from PHS on May 28th, 2011.
Sadly, my Navy dream was shot down by ovarian cysts.
So now I'm a mother by day and a wife by nite.
And I'm honestly perfectly happy that way.

I HATEHATEHATE chain letters, chain E-Mails, and chain comments...
So don't you dare send them to me.

My oober- most- amazing- favourite color is black.
Red, neon green, and orange are the runner-ups.

If I'm online, I'm most likely in Towns or Really.
If I'm not in 5 Barton 001023...
Then you can find me in 5 Barton 001000.
Meet me there sometime! ^_^

If you have any questions or thoughts then PM me with them.
I'll do my best to answer or reply to them.
Remember, the only stupid question...
Is the question that's not asked. ^^~

Rest well, Ariel Saleen Knoechelman.
Born 4 November 1991; Killed 27 April 2013.
I love and miss you, Big Cuz.

cumment here.