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Nightcore - Poison


I'm a strange person. So many sides to me. Well, not too many. I like to write poetry and stories, I draw and I like to sing even if I'm not all that good at it. I sing when nobody is around to hear me. I'm nervous of singing around other people because they might hate it.

I've been playing games since I was a year old. Unbelievable right? I know, I thought the same thing when mom first told me. She told me dad got so mad because I beaten the games he hadn't yet. Like Altered Beast. I try now and I can't even do it. I wonder how I did it. I even beaten the castle in Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Mom told him how to do it, didn't listen and walked away. Mom said I went to go pick up the controller and I did it.

About my drawings, I'm into drawing gore and people getting slaughtered. I wasn't ever allowed to draw what I wanted in school because of the art teacher. She taught that you draw what you wanted but she never let me. It was because of my gore. I wanted to do a zombie hand for my paper project. The girl who was assisting the class to learn about teaching art let me, not the teacher. I wasn't able to complete it in time so it ended up being a robots hand. My digital arts teacher hated me and so did my art teacher. I wanted a pro-folio so I could try to get into art school but they wouldn't let me. I wasn't good enough... I believed them. I stopped being so motivated in drawing... My technique is stuck in time now. I don't really ever want to draw again. I've been drawing since I was 4. It was all I really knew.
I'm kind of getting back into drawing.. But what bugs me the most is when people say "Oh, you need to use anatomy, here's a link." I know, I'm still practicing on my quarter views... I also hate it when people do it to other people when it's their style. You're just going to make them stop drawing or showing off their art that they're so passionate about... Anatomy shouldn't be everything. Maybe this world has just been programmed into thinking it should be...

Now, I don't know anymore. I'm into dark things like demons. I hide behind a wall of happiness. I had anime chicks all over my profile... I hid behind that. Now... I'm tired of hiding. I'm tired of being what others want me to be! I'm tired of acting like the perfect person for everyone. I'm tired of acting sweet. I'm tired of not being able to SCREAM! I'm tired of hiding myself from people... My true self.. I'm nice, I'm always too nice. I like friends yes. They are the only ones who ever saw the real me. (No, I'm not mean. I just express myself better around them.) I always hadn't been so confident I was always in doubt. But now, typing all of this. I feel... more confident. I guess because I always hid behind a mask, acting like everything was perfect when it really wasn't. I don't have any memory about anything below 9th grade. It was all taken from me... All gone. I don't even know why. I asked some of my very old friends, that I've known for years, questions and they gave me answers I never thought I would get. It was all so... shocking. There are some things that I can remember from when I was younger but it's very vague. Sometimes I wish I can't remember it... You know ghost stories? Well, that's basically what it is. I believe in ghosts. Maybe I'll add the stories... But not today.

Honestly, I have issues telling people about myself. My mind draws a blank. Also, when I make a profile for a RP character. I end up leaving out a lot of detail sometimes or I just can't think of anything that should be unique to him. It's like... When someone tells me to write about something. You know those one test paper stuff that you do for writing classes like English? Those I can't even write about. I'd sit there for hours staring at the stupid book, trying to figure out what to write. I'm hopeless in all honesty. Honestly, I wish I could do better at it.

I'm a big DnD (Dungeons and Dragons) fan. I'm old school, I still play 2nd edition while a lot of people moved onto 3rd edition or 3.5 edition. I have 3rd edition and 3.5 edition books but I use a lot of their traps and puzzles and other things. I'm one of those people who just despise all those power hoarders. I played with one, it was a nightmare honestly. I played a true neutral time knight. (Time wizard basically.) All I did was collect books and I ended up becoming the Champion of Bahamut. Especially since I had a half-dragon that was always power hungry and didn't know how to play a ranger. If he ended up getting out of line and crossing out of lawful-neutral, I was going to use the sword Bahamut gave me to kill him. No questions asked.

The real me?? The real ******** me hides behind a mask of happiness and perfection... I suffer from depression and it's so hard to get over... I play video games to make it go away. It only lasts so long until I get hit with reality that I need to eat or do something else... It doesn't help... So tired of it... I'm also tired of those things that trigger my depression. No, none of it is on here surprisingly. It's either on Skype or Facebook...


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My name? I can't really tell you that, just call me Vincent.

About me:
GaiaName: Fap Happy Ice Cream Cake
Age: 20

Favorite Games:
Tribes: Ascend
Assassin's Creed I, II and Brotherhood
Devil May Cry
X3: Terran
Diablo II
League of Legends
Tera Online
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
Ultima Online

Liars - I really hate them I've been lied to so much and I don't know who to believe anymore thanks...
Someone who brags
Someone who's racist and cruel
Someone who thinks they're better than everyone else
All the haters who hate for no reason at all
Someone who makes someone else feel bad
Someone who makes bands feel bad for their stuff (everyone has their own opinion but so harsh if you go up in their face and tell them that they should quit the band when it's all they got)

People who actually respect the person
Playin Final Fantasy

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Anya Neeze

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Fn Brutal
thx for the ink and bugs
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The Faithful Pirate
~Thank you for buying from Riverside! Please enjoy your purchase!
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Your avatar is amazing.
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Tina Renee
Thanks for buying, you are awesome, for cereals heart heart heart
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Cirque du Sang
Thank you for your purchase!
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Thank you for accepting my request ms cake! ^^
Hope we could have a lot of fun being neighborhood > u<
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this is awsome
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the face you put on my profile. it made me smile.
Wolpheh Report | 02/17/2013 2:54 pm
i like it.


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