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And now for something different...

If I ever do the Gender Bender achievement, I could look like this! lol

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Me in a pixelated nutshell - Updated 4-1-09

10-25-14 (just edited the age lol)
I think I should get something out in the open so people may understand why I respond so slowly sometimes to things. I'm 35 years old (yes, I know, I'm ancient. I only have my join date and the heart of a child as an excuse lol), and I have two accounts. Each account has their own friends. Unfortunately I can't spend all day on the computer, since many real life things need my attention. So I usually respond very slowly to PM's and profile comments when I start getting a bunch.
Also, I've been busy irl helping friends and family with odd jobs. If I don't respond quickly to your messages or comments, please don't think I'm ignoring you or don't like you anymore. I'm sometimes just relaxing a bit on the site and not checking things like I normally might.


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Perhaps my thoughts on the Gaia world site, feelings in general on certain topics. Who can say. A monk's mind wanderings are as rambling as the highest mountains.

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Dante Alexander 1 Report | 01/15/2017 1:50 pm
Yep, yep, yep.
queenofpony Report | 01/15/2017 1:29 pm
kinda shitty. my richarse roommate is being a b***h recently. she's blaming my cat for us having ring worm in the apartment even though we didn't get it until she started throwing parties every thursday night while i stay at my moms house. so it's my fault and she expects me to pay a s**t ton to get rid of it. i work 50+ hours a week for ends meet that hardly pays for the cost of living but she expects me to pay 200+ to clear this up when im pretty damn sure it's her fault and not me. i mean it's not even hurting anything. if im not going to pay a butt ton of money to go to the doctor for my lower intestinal bleeding, then i can live with a bout of ring worm that does nothing. my roommate started dating her manager and after a week ahe all but moved in with him, but is still making her parents pay for this apartment that she only comes over to throw a party at even though this place is "diseased". literally every friday i come home from a hard day at work and all my s**t in the living room has been moved back into my room, pizza boxes need thrown out, and trash needs taken out. she also locks my cat up in the laundry room every freaking time. it's just super shitty but im way too passive aggressive to actually confront her much. side not: started watching Stranger Things and it's awesome so far
Dante Alexander 1 Report | 01/12/2017 6:04 pm
Yeah. I'm not a fan of going out to clubs and such.
To be honest, there are times I just don't wanna go out at all.
queenofpony Report | 01/02/2017 11:28 am
well you look awesome :3 i like the outfit change. i really like the seethrough tail i have going on XD *hugs* and love you too onii-chan. how's your new years going?
Dante Alexander 1 Report | 01/01/2017 5:44 pm
Really? Nice! I stayed home and chilled as well. Played some games, watched some TV and nibbled on some takeout.
queenofpony Report | 12/18/2016 6:47 pm
nah man XD as long as you're not all "omg you're wrong! we have ourselves a Jesus hater right here!" (which i don't, but some equate skepticism with hate) then we're fine XD but you're not a butt like that, so i knew you wouldn't blow up at me. i believe that everyone should have the right to believe what they want as long as they're not being asses about it. like i know you're not on a street corner yelling that we're all going to hell or anything. like on campus, we had a guy preaching that women shouldn't be in college because god wants us in the kitchen, and we shouldn't speak unless spoken to. like really? where in the commandments does it say that? honestly all these people being assholes to each other in the name of god really need to rethink their crap cause it's in the rules to be good to each other. leave the judging to the big man. unless you're raping and murdering and then we have a problem. like these damn judges letting rapists go because they have a "promising future and putting them away for 20 minutes of go time will ruin it" because they totally didn't ruin the other persons life. we're just living in a crappy world, but it's still honestly better than it use to be. could be a whole bunch better, but still not as bad as it once was. haha so on a more positive note, do you like my outfit? XD
Dante Alexander 1 Report | 12/18/2016 5:36 pm
That sounds like fun. I'm working on Christmas Eve, but I get off in the late afternoon.
queenofpony Report | 12/16/2016 5:14 pm
if god doesn't make mistakes, then he meant for people to be gay and trans. if he's so omniscient and all powerful, then he would stop them from being who they want to be. also, if god has a specific plan for each and every one of us, then what is the point of praying? he isn't going to mess with his plan just on our measly whims. there are way too many holes in every religion for me to follow any of them. is there a higher power? perhaps there is, but i'm not going to devote my life to anything but being a good person. that is all we should rely on instead of all this MY god is better than yours. if anything, god said love everyone and that's how it should be. had a guy on campus preaching to me about how his christian god is not violent as if the crusades never happened? as if the genocide against the Jews didn't happen? like all the scientists who went against the bible didn't get murdered because the church couldn't handle their s**t. im just over all these people and their stupid religions saying they should hate each other because they believe different things. as long as it isn't hurting anyone, then why are we being such assholes to each other? and what about our planet that, if there is a god, worked so hard to make for us; and we're ******** it up? everything is literally dying and trump wants to start the coal industry up again. i just hate the twisted reality us humans have created. and if we ever do make it to another planet than we would just ******** that one up too. uuurrrgggg #humanitysucks #ranttime #agnosticlife
Dante Alexander 1 Report | 12/12/2016 7:19 am
Good food like that doesn't last long.
Dante Alexander 1 Report | 12/05/2016 10:28 am
Yeah. Just finished the rest a few days ago. lol
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