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Fang Massacre

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Well now, look who came across my page...

Lets get straight to the details, shall we?

Names Fang, RolePlaying's the game!

Yes i do ALOT of roleplaying and own tons of guilds... some really good... some not so good...

I was born in the year of 1994 on the 26th of september and not to different from you... or atleast i'd hope so...

Do i bite? well anything with teeth bites so yeah I guess I do bite a bit, enough talking about biting, sorry i brought that sh*t up

If you wanna get to know me feel free to contact me, i freak'n LOVE people
...the previous line was a lie (i think...)

Anywhore... welcome to my page, please enjoy the music

Side Effekt 44
Fang Massacre

The doves are coming... O_o

I dont take roids BTW... Really ._.

I could REALLY do for some candy and porn... >_>



...Whats wrong with you guys?