Yo. I'm Rissa, but most call me Fancy on the interwebs.

I like bunnies, tea, flowers, and making dying llama noises.
Send me a message, I love meeting new people !

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Paper Friend Report | 10/21/2016 4:04 am
Paper Friend
Yay! *cuddle*
Paper Friend Report | 10/20/2016 8:30 pm
Paper Friend
I wanted to cheer you up from the program crash.
Xyeanne Report | 10/04/2016 9:31 pm
I'm sorry =(
Here's to hoping things get better love. emotion_hug

Heh heh. wink I'm sneaky
Awwww thanks, I have been trying so hard
And practicing. Going to start college in the spring too
Finally going to work on getting an art degree XD

Aww <3
I wanna draw you too. Send me a halloween themed avi.
Xyeanne Report | 10/01/2016 2:35 pm
I'm doing well XD
How have you been? What have you been up to?
Xyeanne Report | 09/29/2016 5:40 pm
gosh, you're so stinking cute *huggles*
(as always)
Yokies Report | 09/28/2016 9:44 pm
Thank you. ; w ; I'm home now, though they didn't figure out where I was bleeding from.
The bleeding has stopped though, and I'm gonna have something else done later to take more pictures of my insides. @ o @
Yokies Report | 09/27/2016 1:31 pm
Thank you. ; w ; I'm supposed to have a second procedure done tomorrow since the one today didn't tell them what is currently wrong with me. I'm having some internal bleeding and they're trying to determine where it's coming from. Right now I'm resting while receiving blood since my count was super low, I just had something to eat so hopefully I start getting more energy back. ; w ;
Paper Friend Report | 09/18/2016 12:35 pm
Paper Friend
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Paper Friend Report | 09/18/2016 12:03 pm
Paper Friend
Oh you think I'm done?
I'm not done with any of you. = w=~
Jynx_of_Spades Report | 08/31/2016 11:56 pm
Oh! You're starting up school again next year? I'm assuming that means you'll be returning to a University .u. What will you be studying?
I know how it feels to have life and work take precedence. That's what I've been up to mostly as well, but I'm glad to hear that you're taking everything in stride.
I've been well, but the stress of college life is intense xux
I'll be graduating next Winter though, so I'm kind of excited to be so close to "finishing" my education.
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