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My name is Danielle! I'm 21 years old and a college student currently studying adolescent education. I'm originally from New Jersey, but I study in New York, so that's where I spend most of my time.

I love to sing, mostly musical theatre because my voice is kind of loud and show tuney. If I sing any other genre it just sounds weird. But it works out for me, because I love theatre! I've been performing since I was 8, and I don't have any intention of stopping.

Aside from that, I dabble in video games, anime, cartoons, cooking and baking. I pride myself in my desserts, but my cooking could still use some work. Heh.

If you have Animal Crossing New Leaf or Pokemon X/Y, hit me up for sure so we can exchange friend codes and junk!

Anyway, feel free to message me. I'm unbearably shy, but I still love to chat and make new friends! Just... please don't add me out of the blue without any sort of introduction/conversation. I'm not really very good at making profiles, so if there's something else you want to know, ask I guess?

My face under the spoiler!

Ask me for my skype. ;D


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Zachravel Report | 05/15/2015 9:21 am
Hah....your evil reminder will not thwart me from feeling happy this Friday evening. Oh wait, it's Saturday now D:
Zachravel Report | 05/15/2015 9:10 am just had to do that, didn't you?
Zachravel Report | 05/15/2015 6:23 am
Aaaaand it's Friday XD I even clocked out early because my boss left around 3.30 saying she was attending an event for a product launch.
Zachravel Report | 05/13/2015 8:41 pm
It's more like now that everyone's having a semester break, I'm the one being assigned new tasks that keeps me super busy these days cry
Zachravel Report | 05/13/2015 7:31 pm
Uh huh...that's the only way to deal with it. Just be patient and deal with it.

Seriously none. Except for a few short breaks, I haven't gone for any nice holidays yet this year. It's been busy =__= But our company has a trip planned in August so I'm looking forward to that. Other than that, I try to catch up with my favorite tv series when I have time to spare.
Elliot_Rhymeless Report | 05/13/2015 2:31 pm
I agree it's frustrating -- six years of this, and still there are times like just recently when I feel like I haven't made any progress at all. Sometime I think my insurance either doesn't know how to quantify what's going on, or is waffling over it so they can cover themselves first before covering their customer. confused

But still, I've had a couple momentary allergic reactions before (nothing seasonal, but temporary reactions to things), so I know those can be pretty uncomfortable too. :c :: huggles ::

Anyway, I'm going to call it a day online... but if your allergies get to the point where you could do with a hug in spirit from someone, I'll do what I can to send one your way. ^^ Take care!
Elliot_Rhymeless Report | 05/13/2015 1:55 pm
It will for a while, once the incision heals in about a week or two. But I was really disappointed to have one happen after months of not worrying about that... though I imagine the stalling and roadblocks I'm putting up with in regards to my lower G.I. problems as a whole is a factor, especially since I was supposed to have undergone another surgery either last month or the one before... except that my insurance kept throwing monkey wrenches into that plan whenever I got a referral to someone outside of their "network". Bleeh. mad

Anyway, I'm sorry that your allergies are giving you grief today. :: offers to cuddle :: Sounds like a good way to spend an afternoon of lazing about. ^^
Elliot_Rhymeless Report | 05/13/2015 1:25 pm
I just got back from the doctor's office, where I had the blood clot that was aggravating me for the past five days cut out. It was in a... particular place, and let's leave it at that. ^^;

So now I'm coming down from the anesthesia, which is always the worst part, because the stinging from the incision comes back in a wave. But this is far from the first time I've gone through this, so I'm doing what I can to bear it... like lie on the floor for the short amount of time I'm online today.

:: manages a smile :: How are you doing? ^^;
Zachravel Report | 05/13/2015 4:17 am
Wow...Honors Society sounds like a really big deal. It's a shame internal politics spoiled the fun for you. I guess it's the same in every other club or society. It's always the politics that ruins everything.
Oh come's not like you're that fat LOL. Let's just hope they don't mistake you for a mermaid XD
Zachravel Report | 05/11/2015 5:24 am
Are you still involved in your school performances? Yeah time to hit the gym to get fit for the beach, right? wink


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