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xXFurygeistXx Report | 05/24/2015 9:33 pm
Gut! Now go relax and have fun. Fury's orders!
xXFurygeistXx Report | 05/24/2015 9:26 pm
*pets* Drink safely, cuddle hardily, and sleep soundly.
xXFurygeistXx Report | 05/24/2015 8:28 pm
*pats* Zone out then sleeeep.
xXFurygeistXx Report | 05/24/2015 7:31 pm
I slept all day. But how the hell did I avoid a frickin hangover...jfc....
xXFurygeistXx Report | 05/24/2015 12:22 am
Imma bed now. Night day.
xXFurygeistXx Report | 05/24/2015 12:16 am
I am confused. I don't have sour patch kids. Just when I do, I eat the leftover sour salt because YUS. I'm so tired.
xXFurygeistXx Report | 05/24/2015 12:12 am
Hey, if I can eat the sour salt from sour patch kids straight, I can do this. But best not to mix the two. Another day. Another night.
xXFurygeistXx Report | 05/24/2015 12:00 am
I know, I tasted it. I was considering I'd do a shot and then eat 10 sizzling cinnamon jelly bellys, but then I remembered that may kill my taste buds. ;A;
xXFurygeistXx Report | 05/23/2015 11:55 pm
Is fine. I drank a frilly froo froo drink. Well...glitter vodka mixer...Viniq. The shimmery s**t. It looks like galaxies and tastes like apple juice. The Fireball Whiskey scared me too much to drink tonight.
xXFurygeistXx Report | 05/23/2015 11:51 pm
I'm not full drunnk. just tipsy. And grammatically incoherent.

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