Falconnie Hawke

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Birthday: 02/04



Name: Falconnie Hawke

Age: Generation 8
Monster Parent: The White Coated Scientists
Killer Style: I tend to lean towards the preppy schoolgirl style of clothing. Dashner is always trying to get me to try on a leather jacket... No.
Freaky Flaw: I get really, really shy around monsters I don’t know. It makes me embarrassed to be in large and crowded places.
Pet: Lilly is my flying squirrel. Sure, maybe she doesn’t have wings, but she can glide like an angel.
Favourite Activity: Going to my Book Club. There I get to meet with monsters just like me, plus read and write with them!
Biggest Pet Peeve: My brother, Dashner, always annoys me when he picks me up from Book Club! He always says ‘There’s my little journalist’ and it embarrasses me in front of my book club friends.
Favourite School Subject: Journalism; I want to be a world-famous writer someday.
Least Favorite School Subject: Swimming; If my wings get wet, I can’t fly. And, I don’t do really well in water.
Favourite Colour: Blue. I think that it looks fantastic on me!
Favourite Food: I like the Uhhmerican food of hamboogers! Their taste reminds me of food back in Fangland.
BFFs: None yet..