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Hello, people who actually bother to read these things. Your perseverance and curiosity shall now be rewarded with mostly useless information about myself, that you probably don't particularly care about. I am nearly 20-years-old (I forget to update this thing so rounding up is for the best, my birthday's in august you see). I am a bisexual/pansexual female if any of that is particularly relevant to your questions or concerns. My name, as you will know me by, is Faith, my online aliases include, FaithTheFlameQueen, FaithFlame, and SatiricalFaith. Are you sensing a pattern, I hope so.

I took a year off after I graduated high school due to try and get in a better place mentally and physically, which I am now, mentally at least. I have, among a long lovley written list, 'High functioning' ASD(Autism Spectrum Disorder), severe anxiety, and just general mental instability, I won't bore you with the details, but my self-confidence is usually about the size of a flea, I'm working on it. It is, however, a big part of the reason if you interact with me you'll see me apologize essentially for my entire existence. So I , ironically apologize, if that starts to get on you, 're nerves.

I am set to be enrolled as a Communications student, to begin attending classes as college freshmen this fall. My goal ultimately is to be an editor and or producer in media, specifically internet-based media entertainment and news. I like editing, and have a youtube channel here if you're into fandoms on a broad spectrum and like music videos around them, you should check it out. My tastes in movies, anime, tv, etc usually end up also popping up here, it's a pretty wide list. You can contact me in a number ways, Skype, Discord, Email, Gaia PM, are all options, just message me for any details not provided somewhere in my details.

And speaking of fandoms let's get into the good stuff, the most likely place you've found me is from the forums right? I am obviously a role player, on and off the site, im not picky about location. I'm pretty much always looking for one on ones, so go over here if you wanna see some stuff that interests me, even if it's not on the list feel free to submit a request, the worst i can do is say no right?


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