3 dollars an hour on 03/01/2015
A neo-bhasmhor on 03/01/2015
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Aikkikou on 02/23/2015
swag_money69 on 02/21/2015
C a p t a i n T o r o on 02/19/2015
Ghost Pika on 02/19/2015
Cecy_Senpai on 02/18/2015


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I love this person

My child

Call me Ash, AJ, Faggts, or whatever nickname comes to mind.
I adore skeletons, mr.krabs, giraffes, and smash.
I'm not a very good conversationalist if you bore me.
My child is the cutest, yours is ugly compared to it.
If you have a nice voice you're my interest.
Don't try to suck my d**k or kiss my a**.
Clean up after yourself.