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Thanks for dropping by my profile. I hope you enjoy your visit here. I don't post self pics or personal info at all, but that doesn't mean you won't ever know me.I'll be putting my O.C.(s) in my journal, if you wish to read up on them I'll have a link to them below. If you see anything wrong please feel free to correct me and if you wish to rp send a pm. I try to pm to everything, so if I don't reply feel free to comment me. Also, please, be literate, I'll even use stuff like //walks// and *runs* but be literate.

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Rodrick Danial Notegaia_smilies/icon_star.gif


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Questioniist Report | 04/15/2014 5:46 am
yo yo my friend 3nodding
bLaH iNSaNiTY Report | 02/04/2014 8:38 pm
User Image

okay here it is with ears do you think I need to make them biger ?
X_Valiant_Mistress_Rose_X Report | 02/02/2014 2:50 pm
Thats fine and oh my.... I got tons deary but I'll send this tek link and you'll know

X_Valiant_Mistress_Rose_X Report | 02/02/2014 2:36 pm
Oh wonderful and thanks deary <3
Im a woman that love's art entirely so this means a good bundle
X_Valiant_Mistress_Rose_X Report | 02/02/2014 2:23 pm
Thank you love~ And since you like them so much, maybe you would like to do art for them~?

heart heart heart
bLaH iNSaNiTY Report | 01/15/2014 7:50 pm
HAy im going around and takeing my friend Comment for my new sig should I add my bat ears
dose it look like fire is in her eyes ?
User Image
soitenly Report | 01/06/2014 11:32 am
One has 0mg, and the other has a full 12mg. sweatdrop
soitenly Report | 01/06/2014 11:30 am
Well. I haven't bought a lot of flavors for mine, but the kinds I have now are strawberry and strawberry cotton candy. blaugh
Twili Midona Report | 12/26/2013 5:07 pm
It's okay, I understand.
Twili Midona Report | 12/24/2013 11:27 pm
Merry Wintermas time! I hope you have a great one Danny-boy. wink
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