Mattie || Female || hundred 'n one || Taken

Gaming, Noodles, Pockey, Pastel, Punk, naps, dancing, more naps, Cats, Fan art! (Draw me maybe?), drawing, Myuzaki, Kawaii, Boys, Cuties, Talking, Phone calls, Letters <3, Roleplaying! Long conversations, Texting! Japan, Bento, Skyping, Dubstep, Writing, Reading, Movies, Dragons, Fall

Most of my friends call me BunBun or Kitty. I have a busy life outside of the cyber world so back off. I enjoy spending time online by writing short stories or drawing, Binge watching shows/movies is also in that category. I have a full time job that I love. I'm quiet bubbly but I do have a switch inside of my brain that will turn on here and there and I'll be a completely different person. Literally. Any who pictures around here show a little bit bout me. Enjoy!