The Ballad of a D o v e

[waves erratically/]

You can call me Dove. Short and simple right? Though some do call me Rae; any name is fine with me I suppose. . . as long as I won’t have to break your pretty face after you call me it.

As to what kind of person I am that varies with the person I interact with. With some I’m polite, sweet and demur, usually this is around people I respect but don’t know, a friend’s parents and old people that randomly accost me on the street. They like to chat and I think most people just hate dealing with elders so they never have someone to talk to! With others I’m carefree and often make a clown of myself but I never worry because I know my friends love me!! Yet to the majority of people I don’t like, trust or know very well I’m mean, cynical and love to torture them in my own little ways.
I am nice though! Here on Gaia at least, can't say much for that in the real world...I seem to have more enemies then friends.

I find that these days I enjoy sleeping in a lot, I didn’t get a lot of that with my short time in the Army. Now that I’m out and free I plan on going to college and getting my dream job. Traveling the world helping out protecting endangered species of animals, namely the big cats (Lions, tigers, ect) and might even take a majoring in cinematography so I can do wild life videos such as Planet Earth and such~

I’m in mourning of the D. Gray Man finale. . . the anime, so far is over, the manga is still continuing (AND IS BLOODY F U C K I N G AWESOME) but I hear pretty little rumors of another anime season rolling around if we support it enough. I LOVE D. GRAY MAN. It was/is my obsession at the moment. BUT! FMA BROTHERHOOD. /spazzes Omigosh I just can't get over it!!! EDWARD ELRIC && ENVY <33 Greeling, Mustang, Hawkeye, Kimblee (yesh I love the crazy-mad bomber) Scar...../sigh, its just to EPIC. I am mourning the ending to that as well...I keep rewatching it but it kills me every time ;w;

I’m a avid anime/manga fan with many favorites such as D. Gray Man, FMA Brotherhod ( duh), Uraboku, Kuroshitsuji (where Ciel and Sebastian base off of and is a must watch), H. O. T. D. ( WATCH IT! Its has zombiees~) as well as Loveless, most of the Gundam’s, most of the Zoids, most of the CLAMP’s though I’m watching Kobato at the moment (a must watch) Kannazuki no Miko ( it was weird but pretty in a way), Yu Yu Hakusho, NANA, Saikano, [a must watch and a heart jerker!!] and so many more I can’t think of at the moment. Name it and I might of read or watched it.

I also read many novels and watch a lot of zombie/virus out break movies. Horror being my favorite genre. Paranormal stuff too. Other then that I listen to a wide range of music and if anyone must know it’s mostly classical/country/ or instrumental that helps me relax. I hate rap and most pop. J-rock being some of my favorite. I read a lot of older books, or those about history, manga and randomly what I find interesting.

A few of my favorite things are baths, foxes, coffee, sweets, fruit pastry [not the cheap store bought kind but delicate French or Japanese breads or tarts] and sleep. Anime/manga of course, as well.

The things I hate are many such as most to all foods, deep, murky water and my number one fear are SPIDERS. Even the cobwebs scare the hell out of me. I can’t do the creepy eight legged monsters >.<
I do however like snakes. I will own a Cobra if it kills me and will meet an Anaconda face to face in the wild if possible in my lifetime. Then I will run up and hug it. I seem a tad suicidal but I’m pretty normal.

Any questions, comments or friendly hellos I would love to hear from you in a PM. Thanks for reading!!


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Cute avatar!
Yuki Shade

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Yuki Shade

I with you..... inside you.... in your mind.... *creepy music*

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sheeeez woman I MISSED YOU SO MUCH.

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INEEDMYMOTIVATION /grabbyhandsforyou.
DISSONANT - m e l o d y x

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DISSONANT - m e l o d y x

Thanks for posting a notice in your status about the rp!! >w<
Yuki Shade

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Yuki Shade

cool avi
Yuki Shade

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Yuki Shade

Cool avi
DA zombie RK

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DA zombie RK

You got hit by a car? D:
That's not good!
I hope you aren't seriously hurt. ;~;
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our whispered secrets

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fma <3
no problem, lovely. twenty one isn't old, psssh
tell me when you're old the day you turn fifty

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Happy birthday, darling. heart


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