RIP Bandit
Summer 1995 - May 23rd 2010

Thank you for all the years that you never failed to make me smile.
I will always love you.

Ze profile is under construction.

To Do Listu on Profile:

* Change color of text links and font.
* Work on comments section.
* Rewrite about me section. <3

May try to make a new profile later. =x=


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Thank you for your purchase!
Jensen Quackles

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Jensen Quackles

Thank you for your purchase <3

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Hi. I saw your sig just now about your mom. sad I'm so sorry and wanted to offer my condolences. Especially after so recently losing one of your grandparents too.
Any loss like that is hard as it is. I just wanted to give you my condolences as meaningless as they might be.
Probably not much people can say or do that make you feel better. But, when you're grieving, sometimes even smallest of things might make you smile.
Those moments where you feel genuine smiles are actually quite valuable.
I know late last summer, I lost my grandfather. He was a very important person in my life. One of the few people who i always felt accepted me
100% for who I was. I never felt like i was being judged or had to live up to some kind of expectation. I was always welcome, and I felt his loss
intensely for a long time. then in sept lost an old friend, and then found out about Li. It was a rough year.
This year, I've nearly lost both my mom and dad both. I have so much thankfulness in my heart that they both have managed to come back from
the brink of death's door.

IDK. I probably should stop sharing. anyways.. i'll be praying for you. Just remember to find things to be thankful for.
The things that give you gratitude will help you to also find happy feelings while you're going through this.

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Thank you! Enjoy your purchase!
Such a Fresh Pinoy

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Such a Fresh Pinoy

Your Avi Is So Freakin Fun To Look At

I Own.
Daisy 10 17

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Daisy 10 17

Luck IV

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Luck IV

can we trade for faustine's bottle?
Friend of Fungus

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Friend of Fungus

Thank you your purchase. biggrin
Ambrose Leto

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Ambrose Leto

I would like to say you have an awesome avatar.
UN Sales

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UN Sales

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