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I'll empty the stars from your veins, if you wish.

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i don't know myself

I'm an artist. I have a tumblr art blog (e-ziara) and a deviantart of the same name.

you spoke to me...

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Moe Askikaga Report | 03/21/2017 9:17 pm
Moe Askikaga
man, I feel old right now. LOL
because been wandering around collecting freebies as usual and omg, the gold they gave is seriously high and for the first time in centuries see 2 commas in my gaia holy cow!

Feeling lazy as usual gosh. Can someone kill me now lol
also looking back to all the items my avatar has, thinking like I once very crazy about this certain items and I'm still crazy abt this gimpi thing WHOO wings on your head yo

We should play zOMG! again biggrin
Ariele Thibodeaux Report | 10/14/2016 8:31 pm
Ariele Thibodeaux
im sorry to bother you but i love your hair on your avi what is the item or items you are using for your hair thanks
2sammygate Report | 06/24/2016 1:20 pm
cause i absolutely love the game lol.
about as much as i love this song, which is also on my profile.

i wonder when you'll next have time for arting. o.o
domokun stargate
2sammygate Report | 06/24/2016 11:51 am
i've been laser focused on training my ghost sonare lol. it's joined my high level kins. level 50 sakura, night myotistrike, stagony, level 46 golden kitsuko, level 44 shadow grunny, level 35 ghost sonare, level 34 ember, level 33 coral riptide.

you get like no freedom. gonk
well maybe one day i'll get art from you again. o.o
domokun stargate
2sammygate Report | 06/24/2016 11:24 am
i love kindred, i play it all the time!

can arc electricty through blood. and aw, that sucks. i want more art from you, hehe.
domokun stargate
2sammygate Report | 06/24/2016 10:40 am
i'm always trying to make gold lul

aw, just okay? i can bloodrocute things in this form. ;D
domokun stargate
2sammygate Report | 06/24/2016 9:50 am
just saw you listing stuff and decided to poke you!

do you like my avi?
domokun stargate
2sammygate Report | 06/24/2016 9:04 am
*licks slowly* domokun stargate
2sammygate Report | 12/21/2015 10:42 am
*licks* domokun stargate
2sammygate Report | 12/11/2015 11:43 pm
jeez, that's not enough time. =_= how do they expect you guys to keep going if your minds are always fried?

at least you have talent!
domokun stargate

thank you for looking for me

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