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Registered: 02/12/2009

Gender: Male

Birthday: 01/26

Who ... am i?

Why are you here?err... i mean, hi,
err.. you can call me Zeeke.

I'm a male.
I like animals. (Wolves and Pandas especially)
I get depressed rather easily sometimes.
I <3 hugs!
I like playing games. ^^
Hates meanies.
Also, i hate myself ...
... And living ..
... my silly head too.

Errm, thanks for visiting and have a great day! (or night)
'kay bye! n_n

Special guests <3

Buglet Lov3 on 01/26/2015
Shea Heart on 01/25/2015

Stuff ... Of my past.

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Err ... stuff!

Bugs and weird experiences on gaia ... and a few other things!