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Welcome to Ketsueki Maritime Academy!
A survival school where the grading system is literally killer.

Those who pass assignments live, and those who don't...well, they go bye bye.

Because in the academy, testing is rigorous, and you better be ready to survive.

enter the academy

What I have to say...

Before you walk in here with expectations, let's talk:

I do not form romantic relationships online. I am not looking for online romantic relationships. I am not looking to meet up, hang out, or hook up in real life.

Now, all your dreams are smashed. Go forth in getting to know me.

Hey, there. I'm Evoblack. Call me Evo.

I joined Gaia in June 2009. This is my one-stop for RPing. If you're interested in RPing, PM me. I'm extremely literate, as I'm talented at writing. No joke. I've been writing poems and stories for over 10 years.

Note that I do simple things: walk-ins, lazy lit, semi-literate, etc. I don't do complicated stuff: no fancy layouts, no adv. lit. I don't have access to fancy photoshopping software; I get carpal tunnel in my wrists after writing a lot; and I am usually busy at nights.

I LOVE plotting. If you're into something, suggest it to me!


I'm a college student. When I'm on depends on my classes and the level of work I'm given. Usually, I try to be on, but no promises.