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What is your wish, kadan?

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I totally looted this stuff from a giant enemy crab.

Blue Dragon Tail - virtual item

Dang it, wishlist notifications. You get my hopes up for posts.


I'm a pro-profile profile-phile, according to my pro files.

I'm the mysterious chef, the Wonder Chef!
I'm actually Evilweirdo 0!
I rather like going all *poof* on *poof*, you *poof*?

Anyway, let's see here... How about some actual profiling? Not that it's likely to matter, but hey.
-Decisive much? Not really. Defer, delegate, respect authority. I also can't decide what to do with myself. It's difficult to look before leaping when it's nigh-impossible to look without leaping.
-RPG fan? Hyesz. Tales of Symphonia is likely my favorite game of all time (and I don't usually declare favorites), and other stuff like Mass Effect and Final Fantasy (I mostly, but not always, prefer JRPGs).
-Mustached? Not in body, but in spirit. A little scraggly spirit-mustache. I'd like to think that I have a fancy spirit-goatee or something, though.
-Favorite breakfast foods? Bacon, danish, oversized peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches.
-Class? Agnostic Bishop.
-Theme song? Too many to choose from.
-Superhuman abilities? Uncanny resemblance to myself. Ability to distinguish headwear from boxers.
-Question marks? Yes.
-Fate? Blame it.
-The name of the game? Uh, Fizzbin.
-Relevance? Not here. I gave up on a serious profile after the second thing in this list thing.
-Need scissors? 61.
-Favorite roleplaying character concept from self? Benedict the Wereduck, PI.
-Ponytails? Better than haircuts.
-Favorite Star Trek: TOS episode? I don't know, but "A Piece of the Action" is up there.
-Who ate Bobobo's curry bread? Alas, not me.
-Know of any secret societies? The Blue Man Group. They're everywhere.

Holy comments, Batman!

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Kasumi Reiaba Report | 11/01/2013 9:18 am
Kasumi Reiaba
I just made like... so much gold accidentally, lol! xD If you have any crap you have from dailies and towns... go sell them, haha!
Dunno if the marketplace hit like... a huge inflation or what, but crumpled newspaper? Just sold like... 5 stacks of 20 for 20000 and they sold pretty quickly. :/ Seems everything is going for a lot.
Also seems everything on the marketplace is super expensive now as well. -___-
Kasumi Reiaba Report | 10/07/2013 9:41 am
Kasumi Reiaba
XD I haven't seen that movie yet, but I know I've seen a bit of a parody. razz What would you rate it out of 10?
Also, do you use Netflix?
Kasumi Reiaba Report | 10/07/2013 8:51 am
Kasumi Reiaba
And how was Snakes on a Plane? razz
Kasumi Reiaba Report | 09/13/2013 1:13 pm
Kasumi Reiaba
Yeah. My dream job since I was 8 years old (shockingly), was to be an editor. I'm already better than a lot of editors I've come across and it's like... why waste all those years and money on something when I already know how to do it? It'd be such a waste. :/
Well you're still young, so at least if you choose something else, it's not like you're in your 40s or something and wanting to change. razz College was fun though. I mean, it wasn't like... super exciting like, 'omg I want to live here forever', but it was a nice way to escape house drama and crap and not put up with family, lol.
Luckily for me, the cafeteria was amazing with food~! Best fries every. Guess that's my inner American speaking.
I kinda wish I played video games again. I miss it, but so stressed lately to the point they're not even relaxing. :/ Such a drag.
Kasumi Reiaba Report | 09/10/2013 9:22 am
Kasumi Reiaba

Haven't talked to you in a while. So you going to college yet?
I went when I graduated for office admin but wound up dropping out because, let's face it, it's boring as watching molasses.
I got all the courses I needed to hold an office job though! xD Probably going back for graphic design or something involving game development.
However, still going to write my novels and focus majorly on character development. ;D
Hope all is well~
Jewel of Antares Report | 07/10/2013 11:55 am
Jewel of Antares
Arceus' Wrath. It's a crossover guild set in the Pokemon world. Characters from other video games and animations are sucked into the world because Arceus is going crazy. It's hard to explain in detail.
Jewel of Antares Report | 07/10/2013 11:22 am
Jewel of Antares
Jewel. lol I've been doing fine. Recruiting for role plays mostly, and playing Shadow Hearts: From the New World.
Jewel of Antares Report | 07/10/2013 7:06 am
Jewel of Antares
Hi, Evil!! -waves to you hyperly- Long time, no chat!!
Kasumi Reiaba Report | 07/08/2013 10:32 am
Kasumi Reiaba
Oh! I'm actually getting GW2 end of the month or next month! smile How is the PvP? That's all I game for, really, lol.
Thanks! I hope I can get it running... just gotta get better at drawing/writing first. Might do my own comic series. c:
Kasumi Reiaba Report | 06/27/2013 1:47 am
Kasumi Reiaba
Talking to one of my best friends and we might come up with our own, fun business. razz Singing studio/editing company/art studio.... since those are what we enjoy doing all day long! XD
Why work doing something you hate when you can work doing something you love and are passionate about? smile I love baking too! ^w^
I wish I was still a console gamer, but I'm currently an MMORPG nerd (Lord of the Rings Online still, heh) and on top of that, trying to improve my drawing/writing skills!
If our company for whatever reason became successful, you could work with us over the internet! razz The more, the merrier!
Besides, to make millions you just have to make a pop song where the words make no sense, but it has a catchy tune! xD Hoozah!

Sincerely, etc., etc.

Miacis to our hearts!

“The man who came back from Reichenbach Falls with a vengeance….Professor Moriarty! ... Well, would you believe Jack the Ripper?” -Isaac Dian, Baccano!
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