What Demons Sell to Make A Living

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WELCOME TO THE DEMON STORE!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Hello Their, Can I Help You?
*Cough Cough*
I Mean, What Do You Want!?
You Going To Buy Something, Or
Bid On Something!?
You Know You Really Should Have Your Priorities In Order When You Come To Someones Store!!!
(Looks Frantic) *Looks Left & Right*

*Freaks Out*
I'm Sorry!! I'm So Sorry!! I Was Mean & Pushy Huh?!
But, Well, I'm A Demon, So I'm Supposed To Be Mean Right?
But It's Not Right To Be Mean To My Customers.
I Apologize To You For My Rudeness. *Bows*
*Pops Up With A Smile* ^_^
Now Then, Did You Need Any Help?
Choose Anything You Like.
I Hope I Have Items That Are To Your Liking!

The Rules To The Store Are As Follows:
1.) I Never End An Auction Early.
2.) I Do Accept Trades, Depending On The Item(s) In Question.
3.) I Will Not Lower Prices(Very Often) & I Usually Price My Items Around What The Average Price Is At That Time.
4.) I Will Lower Prices If The Average Is Significantly Lower Than My Buying Price. But Not The Bidding Price.
5.) If Someone Accidentally Bids To Much On An Item I Will Not Refund Them If They Win. All Purchases Are Final.
6.) I Do Take Returns, But You Will Only Get Half The Original Price. (Ex. You Pay 6000g For An Item. Then U Want To Return It, You Will Only Get 3000g Back.)
7.) If The Item You Want To Return(Look At #6) Cost More That A 1000g Then I Will Factor In The 2% Taken From The Transaction & You will Get Half Of What I Was Paid For The Item. (Ex. You Paid 6000g For An Item, I Only Got 5880g. You Will Only Get 2940g If You Return The Item.)

Oh & Thank You's Aren't Necessary, But They Are Appreciated. ^_^

Please Stay, Look Around, & Spend Some Gold. $_$


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