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Gaara_numba1 Report | 08/06/2014 10:06 pm
xD Hello darling how are you! or did you mean for me to get on skype? heart heart heart heart
Gaara_numba1 Report | 07/15/2014 11:29 pm
Hello love! heart
poka-dot-pocky Report | 05/04/2014 6:20 am
god damn it steph... you gotta update your profile xD I LOST THE GAME!! >.<
lonelyDictator Report | 03/25/2014 7:16 am
cat_neutral hey, uhm, how have you been?
we should talk more. cat_sad
poka-dot-pocky Report | 10/08/2013 5:57 am
STEPHIE!! biggrin HIII!!! WHATS UP GIRL?!?! god i miss hangin with you! sad
lonelyDictator Report | 09/10/2013 2:36 pm
dramallama hey bud!
I just wanted to stop on by and say HAI!~ emotion_dowant
lonelyDictator Report | 06/20/2013 8:54 am
so uh are the exams on right now? cuz your online? or are you online at school on the laptop?
oh yes, I might actually buy my step dads laptop from him! so I have a portable computer! huha!~
:33 but I still need to figure out how to log into facebook.. ill probably end uphopping on on my moms computer and maybe figure out how to do it then.
anyway uh ill reply to you if you reply to me later, I have to start loading up the van, we get our house now. WOOO I told my mom I was going to buy like 3 bookshelves. she didn't like that idea. :Y but hey. I aint listenin' ... ever. =w=~
woo. :33 blaugh
lonelyDictator Report | 06/19/2013 10:21 pm
welp. first. there is like.. manga heaven in Edmonton or so. lets go with comic heaven. they have 2 stores with otaku junk. im going there this summer. says me. yes. says Me. all me. no one else. i get my drivers licence soon. i don't exactly .. KNOW when but eventually when i get settled down and get an actual phone and ..such.
uh. annnndd the collar is ment for humens. baught at it claire's so its humen... thing. yup.
but still.. if people didn't no. (which they don't.) then it could pass as an actual one.
ill ask my stpe dad if i can log him out of his Skype on the laptop because then we can talk ... without me getting the new computer and i wouldn't have to wait. i think. my headphones are packed in the trailer. so.. i don't no if i need the mic or if this comes with a mic. do laptops usually have a mic attached...??
my step dad was actually thinking about selling me his laptop so i don't need to buy one. then hed just buy a new one. this thing is like.. fudging huge man! holy poo lords!
ouo... MAN! i cant wait till tomarrow.
oh yea. uh. on Skype give me your address there and what not. then yea. oh yes. you should come out some time. .. eventually. there is literally a Mall just across the road from my house. and they have a coles which is owned by indigo and chapters.. if .. if you didn't no that already >w>;;;
........ uhh. and. uh. they have a park on uhm almost every street. crazy. gee.
they drive like lunatics out here. :T .... there are .. NO STOP SIGNS. only Yield. frick 3 heart attacks almost hit a huge butt truck man (not literally heart attacks. don't worry.)
what else was i supposed to answer..
uhm.. OH! outo f topic! i got this LE AMAZING mouse at loosers! (winners) and its squares! its uh gold and it has a cherry blossom tree branch across it! just its white not pink. which made me happy. cuz.. pink is a big no no. :3
i just .. what was i going to say... o~o..
lonelyDictator Report | 06/19/2013 8:00 pm
oh yes. Ozwin Ever.... I think
the user is Steffi.monster
:33 so.. yea
sorry if I keep repliying late. I got on tumblr!!! 8DDD
but I dk if itll log me in on my new computer when I get one. whenever that is. I still need to buy a desk first. actually I might have my step dads laptop which I am on right now. but the problem is I cant log into facebook. so I don't no what to do for that. it asked me what street I lived on when I was 8 years old. and I easily replied Sidney street. but I don't think .. I think the problem with that is. I never answered that! so ugh. man. ugh.
and yes. it would be lovely to be in a box.
oh yes. with the laptop I could play portal2!!
OHHHH today I bought a book in HMV from the Lloyd mall and its called "Geek wisdom" its got a bunch of quotes and explanations. and on one of the very last pages (I was just flipping threw) there was a doctor who quote. and I just. man. I bought the book like that. and they had portal 2 quotes and star wars and just.. a lot... A. LOT. :33
I miss you tooo and its going to be very hard to make friends. im nervous and freaking out. ill be friendless for the HOLE summer... no friends. no life. just sleep and homestuck.
so we're at pauls landlords place atm. and so the ferrets are in the garage. so I went to cloud sometimes this morning and he wasn't to impressed with me. I don't think he likes the smell of oil... neither do I to be fair... but the peoples have 3 cats and 3 dogs. and 2 of the cats are hunters and they hunt.. Everything. ... D: so.. they have to stay in there. it makes me sad.. but we get the house tomarrow so they'll be there soon. Ill give them lots of treats. and lots of love and they'll love me and ill love them and happiness. ouo
I got a spikey choker today.. Nathan (older brother) keeps making fun of me cuz its a dog collar .. yes. hes like "why are you wearing a dog caller? are you a dog?" so I just.. ... I woof.
...woof. cool
lonelyDictator Report | 06/19/2013 7:20 pm
well I don't actually have a computer. and I cant get on facebook.
so I figured id get on gaia and see if you were on! im so glad you were. sorry if I replied late I was eating chicken and watching johnny test.. he had two mouths.. :T
I cried too when I had to leave. when I was saying my good byes too Ashley I was ABOUT to cry. -w- but I did not. I was good. :3
my mom says hi. (shes sitting beside me) we actually arrived yesterday early. but we get the house tomarrow so its good. ouo
I bought my bed today I still have to get a bedframe. -u-
but I was thinking of getting a day bed its from leons or something.
when I get my new computer (im on my step dads laptop atm) ill be able to go on Skype. blaugh
I hope to get on facebook soon so I can talk to you better. and tumblr. cuz... cuz tumblr. >w>
Ohama Sensei

you came all the way down here! eather you really like me or your really bored! I'm hoping its the first one and i'm going with the first one XD

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