Hayyyyyy~ emotion_yatta

I'm Ashley, a college student from the east coast studying finance and law. I work part-time in luxury retail and it's actually pretty awful, but there are good times too. I play five instruments, though maybe I should only count four. I'll leave something to the imagination and let you try to guess which ones they are.

I've been on and off Gaia since 2007, and role playing since about 2009. I'm always down for a good rp. So if you're recruiting for a group or looking for a onexone, feel free shoot me a message. I'm pretty bad when it comes to talking about myself, I'll admit. I prefer to talk to people rather than learn everything about them through a blurb on their profile-- so if you want to be friends or just want to talk, PM me! I'm actually really friendly and pretty damn awesome, so like... why not.

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hi, i'm ashley.

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