Basic Information

Full Name: Everette Rosenthal
Nickname(s)/Alias(s): "Crimsoned Duchess of Ruin" ;
Gender: Female ?
Age: 164 (Appearance age of: 17)
Birthdate: 1850
Weight: 125 lbs.
Height: 5"5
Hair Color: Crimson
Hair Length: A bit curled
Eye Color: Bright red (Red-orange when casting a spell)
Skin Tone: White
Appearance: An average heighted woman, with ombre crimson-black large scale feathered wings and has a well-endowed figure. Everette is wearing a crimson leather coat, and a belted high-waist skirt, affixed with chains and various belts, and a pair of knee high red heeled boots. Her coat is decorated with rose-like embroiders. She varies her hairstyle, when at ease, she usually lets her crimson hair be flowing. Alternate when it comes to combat, braided hair, with idiot hair left standing top-left.

Personality: Usually quiet, she often tends to be serious on her every word. Whenever she speaks, it is always in a soft, but confident manner. However at combat, she tends to be very silent, and may tend to be ruthless.

Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Known Relatives: N/A

Background/Biography: Before she was reborn again as the "Duchess of Ruin" She originated from a very potent wisp, capable of destroying (almost) everything. Back at the times, this wisp would jump from body to body, wrecking havoc until the wisp was trapped by the mortals at a nearby forest nearby a certain village. From that day, the wisp was sealed, and was kept in a casket with various seals to ensure it does not wreak havoc anymore.

On how did it turn into a woman, it was coincidential that there happened to be a woman whom was put into a sack, and was drowned by bandits a few weeks before the breaking of the seal.

The seal broke when an unknown entity tried to convert the planet into nothing but something made of alien metal. Due to various radiation pulses and heat changes in and out of the sea, the seal broke, thus enabling the wisp to break free, saving the thrown woman's body, perfect enough to be reborn, in which later on it turned out to be a success, However it happened in a long process before the wisp could finally take control and be dominant of the "reanimated" corpse. At first minutes of being reborn, she is to start fullfilling her vow that she will have revenge against the mortals. Not until the alien that started it all appeared; thus giving her the mindset that this being would foil her plans of massive destruction.

After the heavy fight with the being, she felt something was not right. She glided off her target, only to find that this corpse reanimated defies what the wisp's will wanted. This was due to the fact her spirit lives on.

After hours of struggle, She eventually undergone, a change of heart.

Valkyrie Information

Character's Powers/Abilities:

- Ability of Flight

-The ability to manipulate Her own energy into something useful. (Crimson Magic)
(In this ability, she is able to channel the wisp's destructive energy into any of her part. And can be manipulated and solidify to form: "Escalon" one of the most impurest of alloys she have at disposal. In Crimson Magic (as in contrast to Scarlet Magic) she cannot use the raw energy channeled to her hand into a projectile.

- Basic to advanced swordplay

Unique Attacks/Advanced Spells(optionally):

- "Cell Division ~ Mirage" - This ability makes the body of her vessel split its cells into small proportions, thus creating smaller copies of herself: however as she does this, she also gets herself in a smaller size, due to the fact the cells are taken from the vessel. She can just order the cells to merge back soon making her bring back again to normal.

- "Arma di Infernus ~ Crimson Rain" - In this ability, she channels her energy both into her hands, to shoot out a large crimson laser directed to the sky. The energy from the laser is then divided into smaller proportions, which would eventually fall, as if it was raining blood.

- "Requirem of the Damned" - With this ability, she can disintegrate her own into red flame like illusion (speed buff) Whilst Magnus (Her blade) stays relatively warding off the opponent as directed by the weilder's willpower.


- Magnus Infinitus (a.k.a: Leigerschwertzeinn) : Magnus is a blood red claymore. One edged and jagged. Magnus is usually hidden, only to be spawned by "Crimson Magic" manipulation. It appears to have three orange orbs that are closed when a certain spell is not called fourth and or/ opens when called upon.