Don't dare to give up following your dreams

Life is on our hands

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Because once you find what makes you happy, you should keep it for you, there's no better treasure in life than that.


Sooooo~ I'm Eva

A little lesbian from Spain, Born in 1995 c:
Im sensitive, babycry, silly, charming, caring..
or all the opposite, all depends e.é
But feel free to support on me when your sad
or come gimme some hugs anytime!
I like helping but sometimes im way too naive 8(
Im studying to be some kind of designer.
But heey im a good vibes,
cuz idk P: , i loves hippie stuff, tattoes, cute stuff, games
and most kinds of music so feel free to share it with me
aaaaaand the sky, i love staring at the stars

There is always hope, although sometimes its not shown the way we expected

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