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Collected Souls

SilentScreams7 on 09/25/2016


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Turbotastic Report | 09/29/2016 8:35 pm
I ******** up.
did i ever reply back D:
im sorry .-.
Razorblade Smiles Report | 09/29/2016 8:30 pm
Razorblade Smiles
Why Thankyou :3 accepted, from one lunatic to another.
Turbotastic Report | 09/25/2016 5:23 pm
D: as long as its not wings over excessive gore and super gun tec related i can draw it .3.
Turbotastic Report | 09/25/2016 10:45 am
Depends on what you are looking for .3.
SilentScreams7 Report | 09/25/2016 6:17 am
I sent it in a PM. Thank you, I'm glad you like it!
SilentScreams7 Report | 09/25/2016 5:29 am
Really?? 4laugh
The Unavailable Memory Of Report | 09/04/2016 7:39 pm
The Unavailable Memory Of
AHHHHHHH thank you so much stranger person heart

his name is Simon Kvamm, one of my fav musician men 3nodding
Atikori Report | 09/04/2016 10:49 am
I've seen seasons 1,3,and half of 5. I plan on binge watching 4 after I finish Criminal Minds. Haven't seen 2 because I don't think I could by myself. Religion and asylums are kind of touchy for me. 1 and 3 are my favorite though. Taissa and Evan have great chemistry and I love watching the seasons where they're together. I think season 3 had to be my favorite though. I'm a sucker for people with powers and the witch vs. voodoo idea was pretty cool. Plus, Stevie Nicks made an appearance, and they used a ton of Fleetwood Mac songs which made me happy. Ummm, I only saw half of 5 because honestly, I kinda fell out of touch with it. Don't get me wrong, James March was adorable, but the whole vampire thing left a lot of open plot holes. Like what happened to all those demon children who murdered their school? I don't know! And it was strange to see so many new attractive faces. I don't know, it felt like it was turning into teen wolf. BUT IM SO PSYCHED FOR 6 BECAUSE NO ONE KNOWS ANYTHING AND IM KIND OF HOPING THEY MADE REALLY F'ED UP FAIRY TALES But that doesn't tie in with any of the other seasons, and most of the trailers I've heard were fake. Oh well, just gotta wait and see~

Hard Cheese....?
Atikori Report | 09/03/2016 10:55 am
You know, it really depends with the creepy for me. I like crime shows, and psychopathology, and urban legends and stuff, but as soon as someone starts messing with ouija boards, I'm out. Don't mess with spirits, it won't end well. I AM a big AHS fan, not sure if you've seen any of that.

And to your lunatic fridge, I say pickle juice!
Atikori Report | 09/02/2016 10:36 pm
I can't watch that atm because the creepy looking videos on the side are too distracting, and it's too late to be watching creepy things.

But I've seen in an episode of Gravity Falls a commercial that aired in the Rick and Morty universe!
Also, captcha says jump higher

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